Daner Xiu’s 5 months pregnant belly, showing off a long stretch marks on the belly, but was evaluated "too disgusting"

Guizi: After the official announcement of his official announcement, he became pregnant with the child. At that time, the child had just found out that it was less than 3 months.Everyone advised her not to propagate too early. The child was unstable in the first three months. He said more that he was afraid that the child had something wrong. He didn’t care about it at all.Due to excessive hype, she was insulted by many people, and she was unhappy on the surface, but she was in fact.

Daner recently acknowledged that Internet celebrities need traffic. No one watchs her live broadcast. If they can’t make money, they can’t live, so they must separate the traffic.She and Mr. Piggy intend to get a child to get married, so that the traffic can be separated during the peak of traffic, which can stabilize at least half a year.Mr. Little Pig’s routine has not changed at all. Is it so deceiving Han Anran?

From the official announcement to the present, the child has been growing for 5 months, and her children often show off on the Internet, and she also said that she already knows the child’s gender.Netizens always said that they must be daughter in Huaner, and 80 % of them were like little pig girls.In fact, the little pig girl is not ugly, that is, the nose is too like Mr. Piggy, and she looks a bit down. This should be what Qianer does not want to see.

Recently, in the live broadcast room, she showed her 5 -month pregnant belly, and she used to be across the clothes. This time, she directly lifted her clothes and revealed a big belly.Hou’er’s belly is really not like 5 months. It is almost 7 months old. Netizens said that she was pregnant for 30 pounds. She may not be full of children in her belly, and some fat.

In the live broadcast room, Daner pointed to her belly and showed off with netizens. She had no traces of stretch marks on her stomach.What pregnant women hate the most is long stretch marks, one by one very horrible. There are many ways to make pregnant women try not to let stretch marks as possible, such as massage with essential oils, or to make beauty after giving birth.Few women are born without stretch marks.

I often watched netizens live broadcast, and I know that Daer likes to show off. What she bought recently. How good her mother -in -law was, she would say one by one, and she would say it several times.Everyone is really bored in this live broadcast. Why do you always show your belly? The stomach of the pocket is not good -looking. The loose is still fat. It ’s like this after giving birth.

Netizens have commented after watching it. They are really disgusting. They still wear pink autumn pants. There is no feeling of a goddess. Are you afraid that Mr. Piggy is disgusted?Some netizens have observed that when they eat, they always pouting, and the speed of eating is particularly fast. It is really impolite while eating.However, Douer is also very clever, knowing that you can make money, and you don’t let go at all.

In terms of giving birth to children, Mr. Pig did not lose at all. Han An Ran did not fulfill his father’s responsibility, and let Douer conceive the child.Netizens’ evaluation of Mr. Piggy is to make the child, just like the art of behavior, and he feels very powerful.I went to the hospital to check before, and Mr. Pig also said that they were going to get eggs, do they spider eggs?

Conclusion: Internet celebrities also have a bottom line. Doing some vulgar things will definitely make netizens dislike.She felt that she was hot, and in fact, she rely on black powder. If netizens didn’t want to scold them anymore, the popularity would fall immediately.I hope that after having a child, they can accumulate morality, and don’t get the child again.

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