Determine the health of pregnant mothers through nails

Whether the body is healthy can actually be reflected from some daily performance and some parts of the body.For example, our nails are some of the small changes on one of the brackets that often reflect the health of our body.The following specifically introduces that pregnant female friends can predict some health status of the body by paying more attention to the changes between themselves in daily life.

1. Pregnant women’s nails appear dental

If you have a dentation on the fingernails of the expectant mothers, it may be that calcium deficiency is more serious.Sometimes other symptoms such as muscle spasm, cramps, and bone soreness appear.At this time, expectant mothers should eat more calcium -containing foods, such as milk, cheese, eggs, soy products, seaweed, kelp, shrimp skin, etc.

2. Pregnant women’s nails pale

If the nail shape of the expectant mother looks like a small spoonful of the nails and the nails are pale, then there is a possibility of anemia.At this time, expectant mothers can go to the hospital for examination, and then take an iron oral iron under the doctor’s nails. They can also supplement them. In severe cases, blood transfusion may be needed.

3. Pregnant women’s nails have no light

If the expectant mother’s nails are dim, and they are all white, at the same time, they often feel that they are cold in their hands and feet, their spirits are poor and tired, and their skin is dry and rough. This may be a sign of pregnancy with liver diseases.Don’t forget to test the liver function when the expectant mothers who have white nails appear. Pay attention to proper exercise, enhance blood circulation, eat regularly, and reduce the burden on the liver.

4. Pregnant women’s nails yellow

If the nails of the pregnant woman are broken, and when they do housework gently, the nails will fall down throughout the whole piece.

Diabetes have obvious symptoms of diabetes, and they usually need to be tested by blood drawing and testing of sugar tolerance.If the expectant mother finds that the nails are yellow and easy to break, they must go to check.

In the above, it is specially introduced that if pregnant women’s nails occur in the above four conditions, the physical problems are hidden. For example, the yellow nails of expectant mothers are particularly easy to break. They must go to the hospital for examination, mainly to avoid the occurrence of diabetes.In addition, specifically remind expectant mothers not to apply nail polish.If the nails are particularly easy to split, you must remember to trim it frequently, or you can apply nails with some Vaselin in the morning and evening, so that you can play a particularly good moisturizing and protective role.

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