Determine whether men love you or not, can be seen from the sleeping position

Author: Wen Qiu Sheng

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Love, like those spring water, can only be continuous and inexhaustible only by maintaining vitality.

If the two are together, one of them is always consumed and has no love, then the marriage will eventually become a dead spring.

I love each other, but I just look at it with my eyes.

At the same time, judging whether men have given their hearts, a woman can see from his "sleeping position".

Between the two people, there will inevitably be a lot of heartwarming behavior.

For example: men will become meticulous and care about women; they will take care of her feelings and care whether she is happy when she is with him.

Men, willing to consider women with heart and care for her with heart.

However, if you don’t love, you will only leave indifference.

The indifference in a man’s heart will reflect the behavior.Even sleeping with a woman will also give women a sense of despair.

Chekhov said: "The indifference and ruthlessness is the paralysis of the soul, and the premature death."

The selfish man will not consider the feelings of his wife.Even if his wife was sore for a day, he would not massage his wife.

Even, he did not talk to her, would rather play with her mobile phone before going to bed, or would rather be sleeping at her, and did not want to care about her.

A man who does not love his wife is selfish.

The man who really loves his wife will take care of his wife when he sleeps.

For example: do not take up most of the bed alone; they will not snatch a whole quilt selfishly …

I still remember to read a report before and talk about:

One night, a man who was not sleeping honestly, in order to avoid disturbing the pregnant wife, set up a simple device to remind himself.

Once there is a small movement to grab the quilt, he will give him a hit.

At the beginning, men must not sleep well, but slowly, with the help of external forces, men’s sleeping habits began to get better.

This method of sacrificing his sleep is just because he loves his wife.

"The Art of the Positive" reads: "The most beautiful things in the world are often the most vulnerable. The art of love needs to be considerate."

The man who loves his wife will be willing to sacrifice his own interests and take care of his wife.

Make your wife feel loved and cherish.

Two people, which were concentrated by husband and wife, naturally could not avoid physical contact.

When sleeping, there are some physical intercourse, which is a natural thing.When sleeping, a man holding his wife and holding her is an expression of love.

Just like the movie "Liu Lie’s Music Album", after the heroine and the male lead go around, they finally come together, and they are always intimate between the two.

Even when sleeping, the male lead holds the female lead in his arms.

Maybe at night, the female lead’s little movements were a bit a little bit, and she was not very honest. The male lead did not let the female lead leave his arms, but adjusted the posture to make the heroine sleep more comfortably.

It can be seen that the difference between love and dislike is really easy to see from sleep.

Deep in love, even sleeping together will feel feelings, feel cared and cared for.

Two people have become husband and wife, and they must get along with each other. They must work hard to run marriage and operate each other’s love.

If, if there is no love, everyone looks up at the days when they look up, and always watch the person who doesn’t love themselves, it is also very uncomfortable.

If a woman finds that men do not love you, the best way is to learn to love themselves and learn to stop loss in time.

In this life, people will definitely meet those who love themselves and love themselves, so don’t let irrelevant people take that place.

Forever, don’t consume your life for a wrong person.


About the author: Wen Qiu Sheng, living with words.The autumn wind boiled rain, a glass of sake, three or two stories, accompanied you on a lonely road.

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