Did you have a baby when you are pregnant?Is it possible?Listen to what netizens say

Although each of us has done dreams, do you believe that dreams can reflect reality?For pregnant mothers, "fetal dreams" seem to show something.I often told me that it was because the baby "dreamed of dreams" to her, and she learned that she was pregnant, and some mothers said that she dreamed of her child’s gender.

@ Hwyoo: When I was pregnant with my daughter, I once dreamed of a huge flower snake from the back of my feet. I woke up and told my mother that I was pregnant with my daughter.The result is really accurate, because I never dream about pregnancy. The only time, now more than 20 years have passed very clearly.

@小 :: My fetal dream is very real. It was my first pregnancy. I always chased me when I dreamed of a snake on that day.Kill.I checked my pregnancy that month. Unfortunately, I stopped the fetus. I thought it was because my baby came to me, but I was killed by me. I still feel guilty.

@: Dreaming of the doll from the Zizi Guanyin, the result was really pregnant. When I gave birth to a baby, I dreamed of the heavenly girl scattered flowers. After a while, my baby daughter was born.It always feels that children are gifts given to us by heaven.

@: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that an old white bearded man told me that you would have a girl and gave her a name. The result was really a daughter.When the second child was pregnant with his son, he dreamed of a dragon flying towards me at night. Later, the dream was interpreted and said that it was a boy, and the boy was born a few months later.

Is the fetal dream accurate?

Seeing the experience of each Baoma, I have made some dreams related to the baby more or less. Some people directly dream of the baby, and some people dream of animals, such as snakes, dragons, mice, mice, Big Black Dog and so on.Some mothers feel very spiritual, and some mothers think that dreams are the opposite. They originally thought they were boys, but they gave birth to girls.

In fact, there is generally no scientific basis for the explanation of dreams. Bao Ma often makes certain types of dreams, which may be related to psychological hints, or it may be a dream and night dream.If you really dream, be a kind of entertainment, don’t take it too seriously.

Moms, have you had a dream when you were pregnant?Make a message in the comment area to tell us to share your parenting experience with many treasure mothers.

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