Dietary diet during pregnancy is particular, keep in mind "4, three less or two,", pregnant mothers comfortable fetal treasure is smarter

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The phrase "eats one person to eat two people to make up" is also right.

The right is that when the fetus is in the mother’s body, the pregnant mother needs to provide him with nutrition by diet.What is wrong is that the fetus is not a complete person in the mother’s belly. The nutrition required by the fetus cannot be calculated by one person. It can only be said that there are more nutrition.Intersection

Four: Eat more coarse grains, add more high -quality protein, eat more fresh vegetables, drink more milk

㈠ Eat more coarse grains

Now the main staple foods of many families are fine rice and fine noodles. Cook some rice noodles or noodles, or eat buns for breakfast. These are mainly fine rice. Even the pumpkin bags, wheat bags, black rice bags we buy in the bakery, in factThe coarse grains contained in it are also very small, mainly refined flour.

And our "Chinese Women’s Balanced Diet Pagoda" suggested that mothers need 275 ~ 325 grams of grain potatoes per day in the middle of pregnancy, half of which are all valleys and miscellaneous beans, and the other half is potato.By the time of the third trimester, 300 ~ 350 grams of valley potato daily, half of the whole valley and miscellaneous beans, and half of the potato!

That is, we eat sweet potatoes, taro, yam, potatoes and other potato foods every day as a staple food. We also eat some mung beans, red beans, eyebrow beans and other miscellaneous beans, as well as black rice and red rice as a staple food.

But now many mothers have not regarded these daily foods, so we recommend eating more coarse grains after pregnancy, which can control our weight, prevent constipation, can supplement us B vitamins.The health of the fetus is very helpful.

蛋Mended high -quality protein

If we want to be pregnant, if we want to grow or not, we must make up for high -quality protein.

High -quality protein is mainly our various fish and poultry eggs. We suggest that you eat one egg every day, eat red lean meat every day, and poultry such as fish, chickens, ducks, and goose.When you pay attention to lean meat, for example, if the chicken raised in our house is too fat, do not eat chicken oil, or even chicken skin!

However, when we eat fish, we must choose some deep -sea fish and some freshwater fish. When we choose these fish, we can eat fish, because there are fewer fishbone, and the unsaturated fatty acids containing are more!

High -quality protein supplements are enough, children’s growth and development will be faster, and the supplemented fish oil protein contains DHA, which is very helpful for the fetal brain development.

蔬 Eat more fresh vegetables

After pregnancy, we recommend that eating vegetables every day is 300 ~ 500 grams, and the fruits are 200 ~ 400 grams per day, which is twice as more vegetables than fruits.

However, many mothers eat more fruits every day when they are pregnant, and they eat less vegetables, especially the mother of some office workers. If they bring rice, vegetables are easy to yellow and have nitrite.But we can consider some vegetables that can be eaten raw, such as cucumbers raw, small tomato!Try to eat as much vegetables as possible every morning and evening.

Eat more vegetables, can control our blood sugar, eat more vegetables to prevent constipation, and eat more vegetables to supplement various vitamins.

㈣ Drink more milk

There are not many people who drink milk every day in China, but it is recommended to drink more milk after pregnancy.

Because there are still a lot of high -quality protein in milk, 100 ml contains about 3.2 grams of high -quality protein. Drinking 400 ml of milk a day can supplement about 15 grams of protein.During pregnancy, protein and calcium can promote the growth and development of the fetus and prevent mothers from having leg cramps.

Sanxia: less salt, less sugar, less oil

① less salt

Moms should eat iodine salt during pregnancy, but they must be controlled within 6 grams to avoid aggravating the burden on the kidneys. Avoid that the mother always feels that thirst is always drinking water, which affects sleep, and also affects blood pressure during pregnancy.

② less sugar

When my mother is pregnant, our insulin secretion has become less. At this time, if you eat some sugar at this time, it will lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, resulting in mothers prone to gestational diabetes. Thereforesugar.

③ less oil

During pregnancy, it is sufficient to eat 25 ~ 30 grams of vegetable oil every day. Do not eat fatty pork skin or more fatty meat.

Two don’t: Don’t drink, don’t eat raw meat, don’t drink

Do not consume foods containing alcohol when you are pregnant, otherwise it will hurt the fetus’s brain.Don’t eat raw meat

For example, raw steaks are raw fish slices, or seafood that is directly marinated. These are not recommended to eat during pregnancy, because it may contain parasites, which will affect the health of the fetal treasure.

The diet during pregnancy is indeed particular, so that it is scientific, so that the fetus can not grow without meat.

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