Differential women have giving birth to a baby?It is enough to see their three parts, I can’t hide it

"Pregnancy and having children" is almost a process of every woman experience, but for this matter, most women love hate.

Love: Because of seeing my baby, I feel very distressed and love.

Hate: It is because the body changes after giving birth to a child. In the past, the slim figure became a slightly fat and bloated figure today.

Even if some women have a ruthless hand, they have become what they used to lose weight in a non -healthy way, but there are three parts, no matter what, what do you do or hide the fact that he has given birth to children.

A girlfriend was a yoga coach before having a child, and she was very good, but she had a significant look after giving birth, so she was determined to lose weight.

After she worked hard to lose weight, her body was no different from the beginning, but once she returned from the outside, she was suddenly stopped by a tuition teacher and told her that there was a free audition lesson and asked her if she was willing to take her children to participate inEssence

This made her stunned at once, clearly that her body had changed back to the previous appearance.

1) Abdominal sagging

As long as women are pregnant, their abdomen will change significantly. Some data show that women have not increased by about 80cm from the beginning of pregnancy until 40 weeks.

In other words, no matter how good your body is before pregnancy, but as long as you are pregnant, your abdomen will increase.

This is because during pregnancy, the fat on the abdomen will accumulate, and the body shape of the fetus will increase, resulting in an increase in the abdomen. Even after giving birth to a baby, the skin of the abdomen will become relaxed.Followed drooping.

2) Hip protruding

The most obvious feature of women’s pregnancy is not that the abdomen is drooping, but that the hips become protruding.

Many women do not understand this, obviously pregnancy, why does the hips become particularly prominent?

This is because, with the increase in the volume of the fetus in the uterus, women’s pelvis will also slowly grow, especially during childbirth, most women will have a state of pubic separation, resulting in pelvic bones increase expansion.Strong, so the hips are particularly protruding.

3) chest protruding

The chest becomes protruding because the body hormone changes after pregnancy. Because the baby needs to drink breast milk, the female chest will change significantly. As the breast milk increases, the chest will become protruding.

Some people may question why these 3 points can’t be concealed, as long as you recover with your heart, you should not see it.

The mother who has this kind of thought is really too simple. You can think about whether many celebrities who have married and have children can still see the changes in the body.

Take Xie Na and Yang Ying, for example, these two Baoma should be the most traffic today, but you can still see the body of the body. Even Yang Ying, known as the "Little Fairy", was born.The state of the whole person is also different, giving people a very obvious feeling of being a mother.

Therefore, even if women are maintained and how to protect them, they still can’t hide it.

In fact, we can find that as long as women who have given birth to children, not only do they change at these 3 points, the whole body will begin to aging. Therefore, as long as a woman who has given birth to a child can be seen at a glance.

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