Difficult to breathe during pregnancy makes it difficult for pregnant women to sleep and eat?Pregnant women can alleviate this!

Recently I received a message from a pregnant woman in the background: I am 34 weeks pregnant now.Recently, I feel that it is getting more and more difficult to breathe. I usually stop and rest for a few steps. I have to put my head and back into a slope to sleep at night.May I know if that’s normal?How to relieve it?Let ’s take a look at Dr. Huang, who was born of Xixi Ban.

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Causes of difficulty breathing in pregnant women

1. Early pregnancy

Difficulty in breathing in the early stages of pregnancy may be caused by early pregnancy reactions.At this time, pregnant mothers often feel burnout and palpitations. At this time, the dyspnea is difficult to breathe due to sexual breathing.Educational hormone levels can also accelerate breathing.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have begun to adapt to the process of pregnancy, and the body’s hormonal circulation system has also changed.The fetus grows rapidly. At this time, pregnant mothers may cause dyspnea due to anemia.Increased blood capacity, the anemia of pregnant mothers has aggravated the burden on the heart, which has caused the breathing of pregnant mothers to become more rapid.

3. The early pregnancy

The phenomenon of difficulty breathing in pregnant women in the third trimester occurs.In the late pregnancy, the uterus continued to increase, and the increased uterus pierced the diaphragm upwards, resulting in the smaller thoracic cavity and the increase in pressure on the diaphragm, which affected cardiopulmonary activity;Therefore, pregnant women have to speed up their breathing. At this time, pregnant mothers will use short and shallow breathing to increase the oxygen amount of breathing to the lungs, so they will feel difficulty in breathing.

How to alleviate breathing difficulties during pregnancy?

1. Supplement electrolyte, vitamin B6

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers are easy to encounter severe pregnancy. At this time, the electrolyte liquid should be appropriately supplemented to avoid dehydration. Sometimes they can also eat vitamin B6 to relieve these discomfort slightly.Of course, there must be enough rest to make the heart adjustment adaptation and reduce breathing difficulties.

2. Increase protein intake

Generally speaking, the weight of the entire pregnancy is to increase by 12-15 kg. Increasing excessive weight will only cause the burden on the heart of the expectant mothers, the pressure of the spine, and the pressure of the cycle.It is recommended that expectant mothers reduce sugar intake and increase protein intake, so that the weight gain will not be fat and edema.In addition, you can also try to use red bean water to eliminate water and gas in the body, which is also a good way.

3. Reduce the amount of activity

About 30 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers will encounter heart -due to heart difficulty. At this time, only the response methods can only make the body adaptable.When you pant for a few weeks, the situation gradually improved. Next, it is about to face pain to stimulate the heart, causing the burden on the heart to increase, and the phenomenon of asthma appears again.

4. Help oxygen absorption

Increasing oxygen absorption, pregnant mothers can take a walk in places with better environment and breathe fresh air; go to the hospital to suck oxygen.During the third trimester, we must pay attention to fetal heart monitoring, beware of the problem of hypoxia in the palace in the fetus. Conditional pregnant mothers can perform fetal heart monitoring at home every day.Essence

Xixi buds to give birth to warm tips: When pregnant mothers encounter such a situation, try to avoid crowded public places, and breathe fresh air outdoors outdoors; wear loose clothes to avoid wearing tight corsets, underwear, underwear and outer dressingAvoid staying in a place where the air is not enough to stay for a long time, and take as much rest as possible; when you sleep, you can raise the pillow and take a semi -lying position or side lying posture.If asthma is severe, or those who have cardiopulmonary diseases should be treated in time.I wish you all a happy time for pregnancy.

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