Difficult to get pregnant

The 12 years of menstruation, but it was a little bit red, and it was gone for two or three days, and I didn’t care.After about a month, I became worried, and I started to worry about it. After reporting my mother, I learned that my aunt was the case.But since then I have also started the pain, because since then, my aunt has been abnormal, and the time has not been allowed, and I have also been inextricably linked to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

I was born with a bit of a bit of the left upper limbs, but I started to recover at five o’clock every day. I recovered well. It looked no different from normal people.

When I was a kid, I went to the hospital to see my aunt ignore it here. I started from my senior year. Once my aunt came for a month, I was endless. I went to the best hospital here for examination. The doctor listened to my description.Said: "You have a problem with your head, you have to look at neurology, and take a magnetic resonance." I was in a circle at that time. Dare to love this doctor. From my aunt, I can see that there is a problem in my head (resulting in the left upper limbs that are not spiritual.To.Of course, I believe it. Next, each department ran a circle and moved to several departments, several hospitals, and finally hysteroscopy.In the end, there was no danger.Finally, it is blood, high -secrete, and no ovulation.Plan: Artificial cycle.

The treatment of the senior year is not obvious, of course, it has not attracted enough attention, and it has not been managed after the artificial cycle.Entering the graduate stage, I drew my boyfriend, my aunt was still abnormal, but we did not be together (I think it is a silly hat, because I think it is a silly hat now, because I have a different place when I graduate.Aunt Guan.

After graduating from a long distance, but we bought a house and got married as soon as we graduated. I walked into the marriage from the campus.My husband is busy with work, I am easy, I have been more in the past.At this time, the problem came. My aunt likes me very much. I do n’t want to leave when I come. Of course, I still do n’t have ovulation. During the period, I saw the doctor for three years. I had ovarian cysts in the middle.Remove.It’s too tired. In the first half of the 16th, I asked for leave to make people. Because I did not ovulate, I promoted many times.Just when I was very desperate, I was pregnant in May 17th. At that time, I felt really curious. Thank you God for myself.I was drunk in happiness. On the 53rd day of pregnancy, I went to the B -ultrasound and said that there was no fetal heart. Later, 60 days, 68 days still had no fetal heart, and finally the pregnancy sac atrophy, ***.At that time, the pain was really unforgettable for a lifetime, and I really felt like I wanted to die.This is not over yet. Go to the embryonic examination half a month, and the result is: individual fluffy edema.The doctor said that there is a problem, a hydatidifier.It’s another great, checked the hydatidites and said it was a tumor.I was scared again, but in the end it proved not.

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