Ding Ding will also break: About Ding Ding, you may not know the five truths that you don’t know yet

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How did Dingding stand up?

Will it break without bones?

Why did you get pregnant without shooting?

About Ding Ding

How many else you don’t know

Let’s make up for this beautiful picture -the wrinkled and soft ding, suddenly stood up.

Do you think it is amazing?However, probably because it is too often (harmful) (ashamed), the magic of erection is often ignored.Many people don’t even know how to happen during erection.

Cause of erection

In general, the erection is the process of congestion and ding and stiffness.

Of course, the blood will not flow to the bonded sponge body for no reason.E -erection needs to meet some conditions.First of all, the brain received sexual stimulation, sent a signal to the cavernous arteries to relax the sponge blood vessels and widen, and the blood inflow increased.At the same time, Ding Ding’s vein contraction, reduce blood outflow, cause congestion of Ding Ding, and maintain a high state before the climax.

Insert, smoking can cause damage to the arteries, resulting in the difficulty of circulating blood in the arteries, and eventually leading to impotence.Is it logical?

However, there are differences in erection and erection.There are two types of erectiles. One is that when there is sexual desire, it becomes thicker and longer; the other is that in most of the erectile periods, Ding Ding will not significantly become thick and larger.According to a survey of an international male health, 79%of men are the first category, and the remaining 21%of men belong to the second category.

Sometimes it is not controlled

Although Ding Ding needs to accept the brain instructions to stand up, this does not mean that you can control an erection.For example, when "warm wind" blows, when you want to go to the toilet, or when you want to enter the non -wrong, Ding Ding may reflect an erection.

For example, on average, Ding Ding will be erected at least 90 minutes when each man sleeps (you can’t think of it, it is so active when you fall asleep).Because the hormones released during the deeper relaxation and the hormones released during the period of rapid eye movement (Rem Sleep) can also make Ding Ding erection.A healthy man with an average erection of three to five times a night, often lasts 25 to 35 minutes.

Although reflective erections are more common in boys (even boys will be unconsciously erected), all men may have reflex erections.Petomic erection is controlled by low spinal nerve and is also affected by digestion and breathing.

Erection and front fluid

When erection, Ding Ding often secretes thin liquid, which is an urethral glandular fluid and prostate fluid.Its function is mainly to open the lane for sperm to help sperm successfully achieve the egg through the vagina.Some scholars often believe that these liquids often contain a small amount of sperm. Some scholars believe that the former liquid itself does not contain sperm, and sperm is left over from the last ejaculation.But in any case, the front fluid secreted by Ding Ding may cause women to conceive.

This is why, only wearing a sleeve or "shooting outside" in the end, it is not insurance.

Ding Ding may be broken

Men, be careful: Ding Ding eterrieves may be broken, although there is no bone in Ding Ding.If Ding Ding is wrong when the direction is bent, Ding Ding may be broken or torn.Speaking of the image, Ding Ding is like sausage.

The medical literature report pointed out that there are 2000 cases of Ding Ding breaking cases recorded each year, which does not include no records, because most of the patients who are broken by Ding Ding have not reportedMen really let Xiaobian admire …).

Most Ding Ding was broken because "sexual life was too severe", but there were many examples because men’s dingling fell from the bed when erected (please make up for the brain …).

How can Ding Ding break?Fix it with a small splint or move surgery, and recuperate for six weeks.

Ding Ding contraction

After ejaculation, Ding Ding was weak, that is, Ding Ding contracted.From its essence, the cause of weakness is exactly the opposite of erection: Ding Ding’s muscle and arterial contraction, reduced blood inflows, venous dilation, blood flow, and soon recovered into a state of shrinkage.

At this stage, it is called the non -periodic period. During this period, men usually have difficulty erection.The shortage of the period depends on the age of men, the number of sexual life, etc., ranging from several minutes to a few days.

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