Discovery for the first time!Those who kill my hero, although far away!

At 14:20 on December 12, 2022, under the unified coordination and coordination of the Ministry of Public Security of China and Laos, the Chinese police through the channels for law enforcement cooperation between the two countries to cooperate with the Laos police to implement the cross -border armed drug trafficking in Longmen Village, Laos Province, Laos PoliceAnd shot the murderer of the Chinese immigrant police Cai Xiaodong, Piaosha Lajisha, to carry out the arrest operation. During the operation, the murderer was holding an explosive and a stubborn resistance. The old police fired decisively.

With the killing of Piaosha Lajesha, the "12 • 04" Chinese immigration police Cai Xiaodong was detected by the victory of the killing case. This is another major achievement in the field of anti -drug law enforcement cooperation between the two countries.Confirmation shows the attitude and determination of the two governments to maintain the security, stability and severe cracking down on drug crimes.

On December 4, 2021, the China Yunnan Immigration Border Management Police launched one of the guns and law enforcement operations on five illegal immigrants in Lao drug dealers in China.Laos drug dealers fled back to Laos.The case is a case of serious and harsh transnational armed drug trafficking cases.In this regard, the leaders of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to holding a video meeting with the senior management of the Lao Ministry of Public Security for the first time to promote the arrest.The Chinese Ministry of Public Security cooperated with the law enforcement departments of Laos, Myanmar and other countries to carry out cross -border pursuit and cooperation. The old police seized some suspects involved in the case in the old territory.At the same time, the Chinese police closely cooperated with the Laos Police to do everything possible to provide support for case handling.The case handler overcame various unfavorable factors, and found and locked the hidden location and activities of Piaosalo Lajisha. Through continuous operations, they further reduced the scope of the target object.On the evening of December 11, 2022, Lao Fang found that the shooting murderer had sneaked home secretly, and immediately implemented a comprehensive monitoring of it and selected the opportunity to arrest.At noon on the 12th, the old policeman persuaded him several times, and the Sand Lauja Sand’s explosives were described in a malicious resistance.At this point, the "12 • 04" multinational armed drug trafficking shot shot and killed the Chinese police for a year of hard investigation.

The "12 • 04" case is another successful case of the anti -drug departments of the Chinese and old countries after cooperating to combat Nuokang and Zhang Jiacai after cross -border drug dealers.Safety cooperation has established a new model.In the next step, the anti -drug departments of the two countries will continue to improve the level of joint investigation and handling of mutual cross -border smuggling drug trafficking cases, and make positive contributions to the maintenance and development of drug enforcement and law enforcement cooperation between the two countries and effectively promoting regional drug control.

Earlier reports:

The last task of anti -drug heroes

Not every arrest can be successful, nor can it be triumph at every task.On December 4 last year, a immigration policeman died in the task of arresting drug dealers. His name was Cai Xiaodong.

In February this year, the Central Political and Legal Committee issued a notice calling on the national and legal police officers to learn from Comrade Cai Xiaodong.As the deputy captain of the law enforcement investigation team of Yunnan Xishuangna Border Management Detachment, a immigration management policeman, in his 38 years of life, has more than one -third of his time fighting at the anti -drug front line.

September 30 is the ninth martyr’s anniversary.In the peaceful age, when we nesting at home to brush drama, play games, and enjoy takeaway, there was a group of lonely brave people far away from modern urban civilization. In the old forests adjacent to the "Golden Triangle", we were holding the ground to the ground, endured mosquito bites., Deadly the anti -drug defense defense of the Chinese border.

There are no roads in the subtropical primitive forest, grass and trees, vines entangled, giant wood towering, and maroon snake rolls on the branches. There is no figure between the leaves within 5 meters.

Unfortunately, in a sense, the operation was "failed": Although more than 30 kilograms of drugs were seized, Cai Xiaodong sacrificed in the gun battle without caught drug dealers.

We rarely see such a real "failure", but each of us can understand and affect the arrest operations, not only the complex topographic and generosity of the subtropical jungle, but also there are too many uncertain factors such as drug dealers.

During the three days after the comrades -in -arms sacrificed, no one could clearly describe the original committee of Cai Xiaodong’s wounded and sacrifices. They could not control the sadness.It is usually a long silence.

Recently, Changan Jun contacted them.After many months, sadness continued, they sometimes stuffed, sometimes choked, and the memory was fragmented. Many people "couldn’t say from beginning to end."

Through multi -faceted cross -confirmation, we try our best to restore the full picture of Cai Xiaodong’s last task to pay tribute to those heroes who cannot show their face–

"Chinese police, don’t move!"

"This is the hardest road in my life."

Many comrades who participated in the arrest had similar feelings, but this road in everyone’s mouth was not the rugged mountain road when the drug dealers hunt up in the virgin forest.

In December, Xishuangbannah was wet and hot, the forest crowns were closed, the vine was woven, and the sun occasionally penetrated the tree seam and cast a fine light, making the rain forest more confusing.

Cai Xiaodong and his comrades were at the scene of the drug.

At noon, Cai Xiaodong and others arrived at the layer of ambush: a forest at high places, all of which were shrubs below.Quiet, sweltering, mosquito flying, sweat in the bullet -proof jacket, they quietly waited for "prey".

After about half an hour, I heard someone talking.Following the sound, seeing the patrol path in the distance, someone carrying the military green schoolbag is getting closer and closer …


Several investigators rushed out and shot alert at the same time.

However, the poor drug dealers knew that, and the capture was a dead end -the weight of the drug he trafficked was enough to sentence to dozens of deaths.

Suddenly the gunfire rose.Drug vendors actually set up ambush in the jungle in the distance!The two sides fought fiercely, and did not know where the bullets fired from the position, whistling over the head.

Drug vendors lost their schoolbags and quickly fled in a very narrow and narrow road in the direction of the country, drilled into the primitive jungle.

The sound of gunfire stopped abruptly.

The situation is not clear: the other party is more than one person, avoiding it in the dark, and the firepower is unknown.Immigration police officers are in the Ming Dynasty, although there are shrubs cover, but the danger of catching forward is difficult to predict.

No one wanted to retreat.In less than a minute, according to the pre -planning plan, several investigators were quickly divided into two groups. Based on the backpacks left by drug dealers as the center point, they scattered — a group of Cai Xiaodong took two people and escaped from escaping from escaping.The road of the border must be copied; the other group is led by Zhong Yong and directly chasing the direction of the drug dealer.

Slowly move forward.The sight was blocked by the bushes, and they could only rely on the sound to distinguish the direction carefully. They carefully tried not to make the sound as much as possible. Only when they touched the branches, they made a slight sound of the cricket.

"Chinese police, don’t move!"

Suddenly, Zhong Yong heard a roar of Cai Xiaodong in the distance, followed by a few gunshots.He sank: it is broken."I feel that the two people have encountered together, and quickly move in his direction, seeing the woods moving, and shooting in that direction."

The same team of comrades who fell behind Cai Xiaodong, heard the sound of rushing guns, thought it was catching people.Probably only the player Zhouzhou, who ran in front of Cai Xiaodong, and saw some pictures: "I hidden behind the big tree. Dongge was about 5 meters right behind me (below).The sound sounds, shot. "

"There are guns!" Cai Xiaodong shouted.Zhouzhou vaguely felt that there was a trace of the sound in that voice.

"There is no way at all"

The most difficult thing in the wild is no way.

In fact, for two days, they have surveyed the route and terrain of drug dealers many times.Since December 2, they have lived at the epidemic prevention and control point and waited for the net at any time.

The first night of the task, everyone burned a bonfire and ate the first hot meal since going up the mountain.The bear’s bonfire made a crackling sound. Cai Xiaodong made his own most of the pickled vegetables and fried meat, saying and laughing.But sometimes, even if you are preparing for twelve points, you still need luck in the face of the sudden danger.

When Zhouzhou rushed down to find Cai Xiaodong, he saw that he was lying on the patrol, holding a gun in his hand, and blood on his legs."The first reaction is to evacuate quickly! There is no cover on the patrol. If the drug dealers chase over, the consequences are unimaginable."

"Where does Dongge hurt?" At this time, the team members Zuo Kang arrived.Cai Xiaodong did not respond, just handed the pistol out, and told, "Put the gun."

Cai Xiaodong handed the gun to Zuo Kang.

Dare not to stay, Zhouzhou was responsible for alert, and Zuo Kang carried Cai Xiaodong’s retreat."I am 140 pounds, he is 180 catties, I really want to run behind him …"

After more than a dozen meters, after a bunker, the investigators re -assembled.Seeing the injured Cai Xiaodong, he looked very heavy.After taking off the bulletproof coat, after an emergency bandage of the ammunition in the thigh, they found that Cai Xiaodong won 3 shots in total!

The other two shots, one in the ribs and the other in the chest, was plugged in from the side, I saw the bullet holes, but the blood was not much.Several old players saw the danger of gunshot injury at a glance.

No one knows what happened to Cai Xiaodong within 64 seconds encountered with drug dealers.In the aftermath of the scene, after the hidden tree of Cai Xiaodong, the expert could not find the shell that fell dropped, but finally found that the shell was under another tree in front of it.It turned out that after three shots in Cai Xiaodong, they did not retreat directly.

"Nothing, don’t care about me, you can catch people." Cai Xiaodong, who did not want to drag his comrades -in -arms, forced the pain to comfort everyone.He understood that everyone’s physical strength had been overdrawn to the limit.

Time seems to be stagnant: Cai Xiaodong has a fatal gunshot wound. Drug vendors who throw drugs may organize a second counterattack at any time to break a fish.In addition, it is difficult for supporters to arrive …

The distance to go down the mountain is not long, only 3 kilometers, but almost all close to 45 degrees steep slopes, anxious.Either with thorns on both sides or cliffs, plus heavy bulletproof coats, firearms equipment, and 31.8 kilograms of drugs left by drug dealers.Essence

"There is no way at all. The kind of soil road where a person walks on both feet, it is difficult for two people to walk side by side." Zhong Yong said.

"His hand, ice is like a ice drink"

They will never forget this road in their lives. People can’t get out, they can’t get in, they can only rely on themselves.

Long, despair.

Jin Feng, a tall player, asked Cai Xiaodong to leave Cai Xiaodong, leaving the two of them alternately on the high slope, and others helped to lift Cai Xiaodong’s legs and feet in the back.Without being separated from the dangerous area, they are always afraid to relax their vigilance.

"The whole person fell down, there was no support point, and the slope was steep." When Jin Feng finally carried Cai Xiaodong to climb the first hillside, his legs couldn’t stop trembling.I can’t move.

Thinking back now, it is difficult for Jinfeng to tell how it came out: "The next to the mountain road is Caotanggou, one -third of the feet are hanging.It takes at least one hour to roll down the deep ditch.But Cai Xiaodong was on his shoulders, dare not fall or fall!

"Hand is a bit numb, help me press my hand." And Cai Xiaodong’s situation is worse than before, but he has not forgotten to joke and comfort everyone: "For so many years, I can finally rest."

However, Jin Feng grabbed Cai Xiaodong’s hand, "like holding an ice drink."

Fortunately, at this time, it was about 200 meters away from the place where to fight with drug dealers, and it was temporarily safe.On the uphill, Zhong Yong finally got the signal to open the phone call, and asked Cai Xiaodong’s blood type: "What blood type, did you find out?" But didn’t wait for the colleague to answer, and the signal was broken.

There was no worries about the drug dealers’ cold guns. They folded two thick branches, quickly took off their shirts, string their sleeves on the branches, and made a simple stretcher, put Cai Xiaodong up.I dare not delay for a minute.Except for one person alert, everyone is lifting, and they want to walk faster and faster.

But this road seems to never go end!

When I encountered the falling bamboo forest or tree to block the road, I could only walk away with my head. There was no way to bypass it from a more difficult high slope.

They must be replaced in order to ensure the process. Everyone fell again and again, and then held up comrades again and again.Because it’s really tired.

The players often kneel directly to the ground, and their feet are unable to stand up.Someone cried and roared at the scene: "I’m really useless, get up! Get up!"

Zuo Kang couldn’t help but think of two years ago, when he was a real knife and a real gun to catch drug dealers, he was nervous on the road.At that time, Cai Xiaodong turned his head and smiled at him: "What are you afraid of, then follow my ass." It was an indescribable sense of security.

Cai Xiaodong led the players to clean up the drugs seized.

Now, every few minutes, they have to put their hands under Cai Xiaodong’s nose with their hands to test whether he still breathe.Very weak.

"I’m cold, I’m so cold …" As time passed, everyone clearly felt that Cai Xiaodong’s consciousness began to blur.

Zhong Yong, who was responsible for the alert team, was not assured of the team, and came over again to confirm the injury. Cai Xiaodong supported his shoulders and said don’t worry."He was shaking, I pulled his hand, it was very powerful."

When the distance was over half, the mobile phone began to appear intermittently, and support and medical staff were rushing over.They moved forward, thinking in their hearts, thinking: It’s time to arrive, it’s right.

The last sentence is "Thank you all"

They found the way to catch drug dealers and found the way to send comrades home, but time did not leave Cai Xiaodong’s life.

Cai Xiaodong’s consciousness is getting more and more blurred, and his breath is getting weaker.I do n’t know who said: "Dongge seems to be unable to hold it." No one answered because no one was willing to believe it.

Finally, after meeting with the supporters, everyone reinforced the stretcher with tools.This is the only rest in the whole process, about one or two minutes.Immediately, everyone continued to rush, and when I saw who my feet slipped, I felt unable to hold it, and someone would go up and change while walking.

When there was only the last downhill from the epidemic prevention point, the players actually knew faintly that Cai Xiaodong was gone, but no one was willing to say it, but just desperately moved forward.

The team members remember that Cai Xiaodong’s last sentence was, "Thank you all."

The voice sobbed and sobbing, and the tears flowed down at the corner of the eyes.Maybe at that moment he thought of the task that had not been completed, the drug dealers who had not arrested the crowd, or, or had no time to leave a sentence to his wife, children and parents in the distance.

At the end of 2020, the National Immigration Administration carried out the work of Ronggui Rong.Few people know that, one month before the task, Cai Xiaodong, who had obtained first -class, second -class merit, and third -class merit, had submitted an application.

After a few days, he asked the application from Zhong Yong again."I asked him if he was stupid? He smiled and passed." He knew that Cai Xiaodong could not let go of the career of anti -drug, and brothers who were born and died.

In 13 years of anti -drug care career, Cai Xiaodong participated in 358 special drug anti -drug operations, 247 drug cases were investigated, and 1609.56 kg of various drugs were seized.Behind each number is a thrilling tiger mouth.

"This job does not love to do it for a long time." For all anti -drug police, every gram of drugs sold by drugs may become a bullet that shoots on them.

Zuo Kang was finally holding Cai Xiaodong. "I saw Dongge’s pupils enlarged until the pulse and breathing were gone." Recently, he often recalled such a scene:

In the early spring of last year, in the anti -drug brigade.Cai Xiaodong called Zuo Kang mysteriously: "What do you young people usually send girlfriends? I send you a sister -in -law."


"The red one?" Cai Xiaodong’s lips, some doubts, "The old husband and wife, isn’t it good to send this?"

"Find the feeling of first love."

"Oh, guy, yes, so, go, the flower shop at the door, help me find flowers." As a result, Zuo Kang just came to the door and received a call from Cai Xiaodong.","

"Isn’t it given?"

"What are you getting? Come back, hurry up."

In March of this year, Zuo Kang finally gave Cai Xiaodong the flower that was late for one year.

Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom WeChat account

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