Divorce during pregnancy, what is the women’s compensation standard?

Based on the protection of the disadvantaged groups of pregnant women, men generally do not allow divorce during pregnancy.If the woman proposes a divorce, the court will ask the man to give compensation based on his actual situation.

For divorce damage compensation, there is no very clear compensation standard at present, so how can the woman’s pregnancy divorce in reality be compensated?

Whether a woman gets compensation for pregnancy or absence.Compensation should occur depending on the situation of non -legal provisions. If there is no, one party proposes that there is no legal basis for compensation, but if the other party is willing to compensate or score less property for early divorce, it is also possible.Its compensation mainly includes: medical expenses, misunderstanding, nursing costs, transportation, accommodation, accommodation, accommodation, hospitalization allowance, nutritional subsidy, disabled compensation (living allowance of disabled people).

1. Property can be divided into Article 3 of Article 3 of the Judicial Interpretation of Marriage Law.Article 10 The husband and wife signed a real estate trading contract before marriage, paid the down payment for personal property and loans to the bank. After the marriage, the husband and wife shall be repaid. If the real estate is registered under the name of the down payment, the two parties agreed to deal with it.If the consensus cannot be reached in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph, the people’s court may determine that the real estate property rights registration is determined, and the non -returned loan is the personal debt of the registered party.The husband and wife shall jointly repay the loan and the corresponding value -added part of the property. When divorce, they shall compensate the other party in accordance with the principles specified in Article 39, paragraph 1, paragraph 1 of the Marriage Law.

2. In order to fully protect the rights of both parties and take care of the parties who are in a weak position in family life, the principle of distribution of divorce property in accordance with the provisions of the marriage law is as follows: the property agreement between husband and wife is preferred;No faulty party; pay more.In short, assigning property during divorce, the two parties have agreed to be allocated in accordance with the agreement; if there is no agreed, the personal property of the husband and wife is owned by the individual, and the common property is equally distributed; in addition, it must take care of several benefits.

Children under the age of 3.2 are generally raised by the woman, and the cost of raising accounts for 20%-30%of the other’s economic income.

What is the divorce compensation during pregnancy? If the wife is pregnant, the man cannot propose a divorce, and the woman can propose a divorce. When divorce, the other party may ask the other party to give himself the corresponding economic compensation.

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