Do I have to replenish folic acid supplements when I am pregnant?After reading this, you can make sure you want to make up!

The role of folic acid was originally determined by a British doctor named Lucy Wills.

In the 1930s, Lucy Wills went to Mumbai, India, and found that there were many people with anemia in the local pregnant women. The red blood cells in the blood of patients continued to increase, but the number was decreased.Local folk is circulating a recipe that can treat this anemia, and its main component is a fermented by -product.Luci Wils is separated from this fermentation extract and tried one by one, and finally confirmed that the rich vitamin B is a real component.

In 1941, an American scientist purified folic acid from the spinach leaves and clarified its molecular formula.

In 1946, scientists successfully created folic acid with artificial synthesis and began to study its mechanism.The results of the research surprised scientists. It turned out that this humble small molecule turned out to be a kind of coenzyme for the DNA replication process. Without it, DNA replication could not be performed, and the cells could not split.However, the synthesis of protein in the cells is not affected, so the protein in red blood cells becomes more and more, and the volume is naturally larger, but the number does not see the increase. This is the cause of anemia.

A large number of cells are divided every day in the developmental fetus, and a lot of folic acid is required. The folic acid in pregnant women is collected in large quantities, resulting in its own anemia.

In recent years, more and more maternal and child doctors have begun to notice that the lack of folic acid in pregnant women will affect the development of neural tube development and reasonably formulate a solution to supplement folic acid.

The main function of folic acid is to maintain the split function of the cells and have an important impact on genetic nature.This is a very important point summarizing the above.

Current problem: If pregnant women lack folic acid, they will cause neurotic defects in the fetus.Because the fetal nerve tube has been formed several weeks after conception.Therefore, many mothers may be malnourished or causing defects before they are not pregnant. The nerve tube will grow into the baby’s brain and spinal nerves. Neuroter’s defects may cause infant brain or spinal neurological dysplasia.

So, what do you do?

Women who are preparing to get pregnant should pay attention to the amount of folic acid in the diet. The correct way is to supplement folic acid one week before pregnancy, and it continues until 6 weeks of pregnancy. The amount of folic acid is 400 mg per day.

The most abundant source of folic acid in food is vegetables and fruits.The highest content in vegetables is the leaves of dark green plants: such as broccoli, spinach, etc., the content of oranges in fruits is the most.The content of beans, animal liver, and wheat embryo can also be.

1. Roll cabbage 240 micrograms

2. Spinach 210 micrograms

3. Broccoli 210 micrograms

4, asparagus 190 micrograms

5, rapeseed 170 micrograms

6. Pumpkin 267 micrograms

7. Flower 93.3 micrograms

8. Banana 27 micrograms

9. Mango 94 micrograms

10. Orange 25 micrograms

Folic acid in folic acid tablets is a more likely to absorb the body, but foods with high folic acid content are also essential. Folic acid -rich foods include liver, beans, asparagus, spinach, avocado, orange juice, general yellow -green vegetables and fruitsThere are many of them, so vegetables and fruits should be appropriately increased after pregnancy.

It is particularly noteworthy here that the nature of folic acid is unstable, the food storage time is too long, the storage temperature is too high, and the cooking time is too long.Vegetables and broccoli should be fried with less oil. Pregnant women must eat dark green vegetables more than one meal a day, and eat two fruits (including one orange) to ensure the amount of folic acid.

It can improve the intake of folic acid through cold salad or juice.Folic acid requires vitamin B12 to supplement when building cells, but vitamin B12 can be obtained from meat, eggs and dairy products in the diet, and no additional supplementary films are required.

Folic acid in food is not heat -resistant and easy to dissolve in water, so there is generally no need to worry about the problem of excessive intake from food.

If there is no lack of folic acid and supplement folic acid, it will cause the folic acid content in the body to exceed the standard. Excessive folic acid will affect the body’s absorption of zinc, and zinc is necessary for fetal growth. If zinc deficiency, the fetus will develop slowly.So as to stop the fetus.

Therefore, doctors say that they must replenish folic acid 3 months before pregnancy, but pay attention to the dosage. If the amount is too large, it will cause the fetal palace to develop slowly.If you take food by food, it is sufficient, it is best not to eat it.

Finally: It is important to set sail from folic acid, but it is not enough to consider folic acid.Let’s talk about the next issue!If you are interested, you can follow the headline: Nine Nine Nutrition.Focus on pregnancy nutrition and child nutrition!

Author Li Jun: China’s first batch of traditional Chinese medicine children’s nutritionists, national first -level nutritionists, and senior career; teacher Li Xingjiu, founder of the professional nutritionist.Please indicate the source!You can also follow the public WeChat signal: Children’s Hall.

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