Do not eat these foods during pregnancy, do not eat these foods

Every time a check -up, doctors generally remind pregnant women to control their weight.Excessive weight growth of pregnant women will increase the risk of diseases such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, etc., and will also increase the difficulty of postpartum recovery.Therefore, the scientific diet during pregnancy is particularly important.

In terms of food selection, you can use coarse grains instead of bread and rice; use fruits such as grapefruit and oranges with low sugar content instead of fruits with high sugar content in watermelon and bananas; try to keep each meal intake.The diversity … Of course, in the normal situation of the birth check, it is also possible to eat some food you like occasionally. After all, it is also important to maintain a good mood during pregnancy.

So, what foods do not eat during pregnancy?

1. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages.Alcohol will pass to the fetus through the placenta barrier, causing fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome.Drinking in early pregnancy may cause abnormal development of the fetus and body. Drinking in the middle of pregnancy will increase the probability of abortion, and drinking in the third trimester will cause infant intelligence to decrease.Therefore, whether it is rice wine, beer, wine or fruit wine, do not drink as long as it contains alcohol.

2. Everything.Shengyu slices, raw beef, oyster, raw crab, raw shrimp, raw eggs … These raw foods may contain parasites and bacteria, which will be transmitted to the fetus by placenta, causing very serious consequences.

3. Fish with high metal content.Large -sized meat fish in the upper layer of the food chain, such as tuna, swordfish, flagfish, etc., contain a large amount of pollutant methyl -based mercury. This substance can hurt the fetus’s developmental brain through the placenta barrier.If you want to supplement DHA by eating deep -sea fish, it is best to choose sardines, cod and salmon.

4. Unhygienic, deteriorating foods.Such as without Bassed milk, no heating food stored in the refrigerator, mildew peanuts, sweet potatoes, germinated potatoes, and so on.

During this special period during pregnancy, the safety and cleanliness of food are far more important than the taste. It is appropriate to abandon the "heavy taste". I believe that you can also get the sense of satisfaction of taste buds from a light and healthy diet.

In order to prevent excessive diet under unconscious, you can try the "righteous diet method". It can slow down your food speed and focus on the food itself.My current response, so as to re -understand the relationship between myself and food.Let ’s follow our audio and perform a meditation exercise for a righteous thoughts!

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