Do not exercise violently after "Yang Kang", and you need to rest in your physical experience of "war"

At present, many new crown -infected people live at home and gradually recover. After experiencing pain, everyone is eager to understand when to return to normal life.In response, the member of the Shanghai Health Popular Science Expert Library and Chief Physician Cui Song, Chief Physician of the Shuguang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded: "Yang Kang" is not anxious to "let go". If the body has just experienced the "war", you must pay attention to rest, especially if you exercise vigorously, do not exercise vigorously., So as not to repeat the condition.

Cui Song noticed that some new crown -infected people did not pay enough attention to the recuperation and protection of the rehabilitation period."Recently, we found that some people did not rest well. After seven days, they suddenly started to have a fever. Individuals’ CT showed pneumonia. This should be paid attention to, especially those who are conscious of being very good on weekdays."

What is the reason for being tired after restoring the "one bar"?

Many infected people still feel tired after returning to the "one bar". What is the reason?Cui Song explained that this is because after the new crown virus enters the human body, it will activate the human immune system, so as to clear the virus entering the human body.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is the process of entering the human body and fighting against each other.

"The immune system and the virus will be high -heat when fighting. After the heat is retreated, it is only manifested as the human immune system temporarily controlled the situation. The virus is suppressed, but it does not mean that the virus is completely cleared.At this time, we should strengthen nutrition and rest fully, so that the fatigue immune system can be supplemented and rest, so as to further clear the virus and produce enough antibodies. "

Cui Song emphasized that if you do not pay attention to rest and nutrition at this time, it may cause repeated diseases, and your righteousness will go down again, and the virus will "reflect".

Can I exercise after "Yang Kang"?

"Although the toxicity of the Omikon strain has been greatly reduced, it is a new type of virus that our human body has never encountered. The human body has different responses to it.Symptoms, in addition to taking medicine in time, pay attention to balanced nutrition and fully rest. "Cui Song reminded that the recovery process is at least two weeks after two weeks, during which normal meals, sleep, and work are

After rehabilitation, it is recommended to perform moderate, relatively gentle exercises, step by step, and gradually return to the previous activity and workload. Once you are tired, you must quickly rest.The concept of "treating the disease without disease", the so -called "preventive first prevention, anti -changes, and rehabilitation after recovery".

What happened to cough during the "Yang Kang" process?

In response to the protection of "Yang Kang", Cui Song emphasized that winter is the high incidence of respiratory diseases, and "Yangkang" does not mean that it will not be infected or suffered by other respiratory diseases.▼ Turn the second edition (the first edition on the top). Therefore, after "Yangkang", you must reduce the densely places to personnel. Do not reduce the prevention and control standards.Wait for good habits.Those who have not vaccinated the new crown vaccine, please take the vaccine as soon as possible.

So, many people cough at the process of "Yangkang", what’s going on?Cui Song said that for cough, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, rest more, avoid tiredness, drink honey water or use loquat paste, pear and other soups, and humidify the environment, which will help relieve cough.At the same time, avoid smoking, stay away from pollution and irritating smell.

"Cough is a normal reaction after the respiratory tract was invaded. Don’t worry too much, but if the condition is not good, but the cough is getting heavier and heavier.explain.

Can you take a bath?When can I wash it?

With the increase of infected people, "can you take a bath" and "when can you take a bath" became a hot topic.Cui Song reminded that there is no absolute taboo in medicine, but self -feel is very important. Bathing after infection and recovery may bring some risks.For example, it is cold again; due to weakness, it is easy to cause falling; sweaty and hot water can also dewater.

For different stages of different people and the course of disease, the following suggestions are given:

It is not recommended to take a bath.When it is in a high fever state, on the one hand, the human body water, electrolytes and energy are lost more, and their bodies are weak. On the other hand, bathing will consume physical strength, and the vascular dilation and blood volume are relatively insufficient, which can easily lead to hypotension. At this time, bathing is not recommended.

Take a bath as appropriate after the fever symptoms.When the antipyretic and the state of the person are acceptable, you can consider bathing, but pay attention to three points: First, the indoor temperature is appropriate; the other is that the water temperature is appropriate, and the bathing time is controlled to avoid excessive energy.Essence

Basic disease patients take a bath when they are better.For those who are old and weak or have basic diseases, the body’s functions are weak, and bathing may lead to physical weakness or worse condition. You can wait until you recover better before washing.In addition, the water temperature of bathing should not be too hot. Too high water temperature will cause blood circulation to accelerate, leading to the lack of blood flowing to the brain and heart, and danger.

After rehabilitation, take a bath to follow the physical response.Even if you recover, your physical strength may not be fully recovered. It is recommended to make a quick decision when taking a bath to control water temperature and avoid hot bathing; pay attention to cold and warm, blow dry hair after bathing.

Remember, "Yang", the body will experience a "war", so it takes time to gradually recover.Those things that are very energy can be slightly slowly, and you may wish to have a vacation for your body to make tomorrow healthier.(Reporter Tang Wenjia)

Source: Wen report

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