Do not look down on pregnancy and fever, hurry up and prepare for the response

Pregnant women are already the body of two people. They must not take medicine randomly. Once they are sick, they must pay great attention to the medication. When the season changes, pregnant women are prone to get sick and fever.What kind of medicine is effective?

What kind of medicine to take for pregnant women can reduce fever

Pregnant women have a fever of more than 38 degrees, and they cannot carry it without treatment. It is best to take some antipyretic medicines. At the same time, some anti -inflammatory drugs are taken, such as Sangju’s bow tablets and cephalosporins.It is not suitable for pregnant women, such as galcinin, tetracycline hydrochloride, etc.

Physical antipyretic is the first choice

Generally speaking, all drugs are disabled 3 months before pregnancy, because the first three months are the critical period of embryonic formation.If pregnant women suffer from mild colds, the symptoms are not particularly heavy, and non -drug therapy can be adopted.

1. Use antipynthesis stickers

Putting the antipyretic stickers on the forehead will generally be reduced slowly for about two hours, because it is an external drug, which is generally not harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.

2. Apply a hot towel to the forehead

Use a hot towel about 50 degrees to apply it to the forehead. After the towel is cooled, it should be re -applied to the hot water. It lasted for about 20 minutes. The fever effect is better.

3. Wipe alcohol to wipe your palms and feet,

With 30 % -50 % alcohol, gently wipe the neck, chest, underarms, upper limbs, palms and palms, groin, lower limbs, feet and feet.15-30 minutes each time.The advantage of alcoholic bath is mild, unlike the drugs that are difficult to control, there are no side effects, and can be carried out at any time; the intensity should be slightly larger, it is best to rub the skin red, which will also be helpful for antipyretics.

Liu Ma reminds everyone that the most important thing for pregnancy and fever is to find the reason for fever.Pregnant women may be caused by a cold, or it may be caused by an upper respiratory tract infection, and it may be gastrointestinal diseases.Pregnancy and fever are not children’s play. Going to the hospital in time to find out the most important cause. After finding the root cause, it can be treated in time. Physical fever and fever medicine can only temporarily help pregnant women.Only by targeted treatment can we cure the disease of pregnant women.

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