Do not panic in the increase of leucorrhea. These situations are normal phenomena

I believe that women know their leucorrhea. It is a "vane" of women’s health. When leucorrhea increases, there will be a variety of gynecological diseases, but some are physiological.There is no need to be treated, but if women have the following situations, then it will be paid attention to. Let’s introduce it to you in detail.

1. Before ovulation period

Vacus is the most sensitive to female estrogen levels.Before ovulation, due to the rise in estrogen levels, the hyperplasia of the cervical glands of epithelial cells, the increase in the secretion of cervical mucus, and the increase in the content of sodium chloride in the mucus, it can absorb more water, increase the leucorrhea, become thinner, and clear. It looks like an egg white.Essenceit `s just normal.

2. During pregnancy

When women are pregnant, under the influence of hormone levels, she secretes more viscosity mucus.In addition, with the increase of the uterus, the pelvic cavity and vagina are oppressed, causing the neighboring vascular dilation and congestion. At the same time, the vaginal mucosa exudate increases, but no treatment is required.

3. When husband and wife live

Normal husband and wife life will stimulate the generation of vaginal secretions, causing an increase in leucorrhea, and belongs to normal physiological reactions.

4. After taking estrogen drugs and contraceptives

At this time, the increase in leucorrhea is related to changes in female and progesterone levels in the body.Nutritionists point out that contraceptives may cause endocrine disorders, and leucorrhea may be menstruation.

5. Pressure causes endocrine disorders

Psychological state has an important impact on physical health.Excessive mental stress often causes neurological dysfunction.For women, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders and lead to an increase in leucorrhea.Although the abnormal leucorrhea caused by endocrine disorders does not require too much gynecological treatment, endocrine disorders must be corrected in time to avoid more other diseases and symptoms.

1. Bar reproductive organ inflammation

Such as vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease.White milk -like color, sparse or white tofu -like, medium to a large amount, no itching, may suspect vaginitis; the vaginal milk is milk white or pus yellow, sometimes accompanied by blood wire, which may be cervicitis;Thin, accompanied by abdominal pain, alert is pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Infectious gynecological diseases

The leucorrhea is white cheese, sticky, slightly sweet, and itching in the pussy, which may be Candida infection; leucorrhea yellow -green, thin foam -shaped, accompanied by evil odor and itching of the pussy, may be caused by vaginal tituration infection;White blocks, like tofu residue, are accompanied by itching, are likely to be mold vaginitis; leucorrhea is gray with a fishy smell, which is more common in bacterial vaginal disease.

3. Severe gynecological diseases

Mild and bloody leucorrhea may be benign lesions such as cervical polyps, submucosal fibroids, functional disorders, uterine bleeding, and senile vaginitis.In severe cases, malignant tumors such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer; placing the in -uterine -saving device can also cause a small amount of bloody leucorrhea; water -shaped leucorrhea constantly flows out of rice water, and the smell is strange. Generally, it is advanced cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, or vaginal cancer orSubcidial fibroids are accompanied by infection; paroxysmal yellow or red water -like leucorrhea may be fallopian tube cancer.Therefore, bloody and water -like leucorrhea is likely to be a manifestation of severe gynecological diseases. It is best to go to a doctor immediately.

4, gonorrhea

Increased leucorrhea, yellowish color, pus, with increased leucorrhea, yellowish color, pus, accompanied by vulvar burning sensation, and even problems such as dysuria, frequent urination, and difficulty in urination. Be careful with gonorrhea attacks.Gonorrhea is a serious sexually transmitted disease, and it is necessary to go to the Department of STDs in a timely manner.

Special reminder: leucorrhea is a feminine of women’s healthy barometer.Any health problem about women’s private parts can be found from the number and color of the leucorrhea.Therefore, women must pay more attention to the changes in leucorrhea in life and improve the awareness of reproductive maintenance, so as not to cause adverse consequences such as gynecological tumors.

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