Do not relax the vigilance during the vagina during pregnancy.

Ms. Huang, who lives in Kaifu District, was a little vaginal discharge at 28 weeks of pregnancy, and she thought it was leucorrhea.On March 10th, the obstetric examination of the OK examination of the First Hospital of Changsha City was as follows: early breakthroughs, gestational diabetes, scar uterus to be hospitalized, giving positive positives to prevent infection, promote lung maturity, control blood sugar, promote fetal growth and development, etc.Treatment, on the evening of March 26, due to the production of cesarean section, the mother and child were safely discharged on April 1.

Yang Jing, director of obstetrics and gynecology, introduced that the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane is the most common complication of peripheral periods, which refers to the natural rupture of the fetal membrane before delivery.Those who have reached and more than 37 weeks of pregnancy say that a full -lunar membrane breaks up early, and the fetal membrane that occurs at less than 37 weeks of gestational week is also called early breakthrough.Premature breakthroughs in the lunar membrane are the main reasons for premature birth.

The cause of the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane

1. Reproductive tract infection is the main cause of premature fetal membrane.Common pathogens such as anaerobic bacteria, chlamydia, B -ace Bacteria, and Gonorrhea have an upward invading the inner tire membrane of the cervix, which reduces the local tension of the fetal membrane and causes the fetal membrane to break early.

2. Extraction of amniocentesis pressure Hysteric pressure is too high, such as twice pregnancy, too much amniotic fluid, etc., which can easily cause premature fetal membrane.

3. Unders abnormal fetal abnormal fetal abnormal fetal membrane, and the bowls can not be called to make the fetus first exposed to the pelvic entrance, and the stress of the front amniotic sac is uneven;Unexpectedly, the fetal membrane breaks early.

4. Trauma amniocentesis, improper sexual life, stimulation of sexual life, and impact abdomen may cause premature fetal membrane.

5. Nutritional factors are deficient in copper, zinc and vitamins, which affect the collagen fiber and elastic fiber synthesis of the fetal membrane.

Typical performance

The typical symptoms are that pregnant women have more sudden sudden liquid flowing out of the vagina, increasing the increase in vaginal fluid volume during abdominal pressure.During the examination, the anterior amniotic sac can not be touched. When the fetal is exposed first, the vaginal fluid volume increases, and it can be seen that fetal fat and fetal dung.The vaginal fluid that cannot be controlled by a small amount of interruption needs to be identified with urinary incontinence and vaginitis overflow.

Prevention of the fetal membrane early

1. Pay attention to the output period: We must adhere to conventional prenatal inspections in order to discover problems in time.During pregnancy, vaginal bleeding and flow liquid, regardless of the amount of amount, should be checked in time in time to avoid adverse consequences and even threatening mothers’ lives.

2. Avoid excessive fatigue: Women should try to avoid severe physical labor and exercise appropriately during pregnancy.

3. Keep a pleasant mood: pregnant women should maintain a good mood during pregnancy.

4. Avoid improper sex: try to avoid sexual life as much as possible in the first three months of pregnancy.

5. Balanced nutrition: supplement sufficient amount of vitamins, calcium, copper and zinc and other nutrients.

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