Do not shoot to death when you encounter these kinds of bugs!Otherwise, the consequences may be very serious

Summer is here

Our "old acquaintances" mosquitoes are also here!

for a long time

Humans have been "fighting wisdom" with mosquitoes

But always "be invincible"

Anti -mosquito must not only be patient

There are also skills!

What are the "nirvana" in summer anti -mosquito?

Which insects must not be shot to death?

Lets come look

Who can "love" mosquitoes alone?

People with a lot of carbon dioxide: The carbon dioxide excreted by the human body is strong for mosquitoes. People with a lot of carbon dioxide are relatively high in carbon dioxide around him."Images" will be clearer, which is convenient for mosquitoes to track.

Metabolism and sweating are easy to sweat: People who like sweating, the lactic acid content in the blood is high, and the acidity of sweat is also high. This acidity is also attractive to mosquitoes.Mosquito likes to be metabolized, so children are susceptible to mosquitoes, and the elderly are not favored.Pregnant women are also more recruiting mosquitoes, because pregnant women have increased by 21%compared with normal people, and the humid gases and carbon dioxide that are exhaled will attract mosquitoes.

People who like to make up: Many perfumes containing lipidic acid, with flower fragrance, gum, cream and other cosmetics are extraordinary to mosquito. The probability of being bitten by mosquito bites will be greatly increased after applying these.

People who like dark color: mosquitoes like darkness, and they like to suck blood in the weak light environment, so we often wake up overnight, we are full of wraps.During the day, when people wear dark clothes, the light of reflection is darker, and it will just vote for it.In the same way, mosquito loves people with darker complexion or red complexion.

Little babies are particularly recruited by mosquitoes: Compared to adults, small skin -tender babies always attract mosquitoes, because the baby sweats more, fast metabolism, and high body temperature.Every point is perfectly consistent with the preferences of mosquitoes.

Summer mosquito repellent tricks

Pay attention to the home environment sanitary

Turn the pot and pour the pot to remove the useless accumulation of water.

Clear sanitary dead corners and garbage, kitchen garbage is cleaned every day.

Family vases and aquatic plants are completely changed once every 5-7 days. It is necessary to completely clean up the air-conditioning tray and the bottom of the flower pot.

Check the floor drain of the bathroom and kitchen every week, or replace the safety floor drain with anti -seepage functions, and keep the floor drain without accumulated water.

The mosquito door and screen window can be installed in the home, and mosquito nets are used while sleeping.The mosquito net is ≥16 holes/5cm, and the mesh density with horizontal ≥16 holes/5cm can effectively prevent mosquitoes.

Pay attention to personal hygiene in summer

Diet is light, drink less, eat less spicy food to prevent mosquitoes.

Take a bath and change clothes frequently; try to wear light -colored clothes when going out. Dark clothes are not only easy to absorb heat, but also attract mosquitoes.

Try not to sit and rest in the grass and forests. When you play in the above venue, you should wear tight pants and cuffs to avoid mosquito bites.

You can carry some deworming drugs when you go out

Such as wind oil essence, cool oil, flower dew water, etc., or rub mosquito repellent in the skin’s exposed parts in advance.

When buying mosquito repellent products, try to choose regular brands to see the effective ingredients and content on the outer packaging.It is generally indicated that the insecticidal fog agglutions with chryrazelin, chrysanthels, glycosacylite and bromylcese essence are efficient and low -toxic.In addition, when purchasing, you should also see the valid date on the outer packaging. Do not buy expired products.

What to do after being bitten by mosquito

Do not scratch repeatedly. Generally, after 10-15 minutes, itching will significantly fade away.

After being bitten by a mosquito, it can be cleaned with soapy water or salt water, or external drugs such as compound furnace glyphosate washing agent.

If fever, headache, hematuria, throat edema, etc. occur after being bitten by mosquito, you need to seek medical treatment immediately for relevant examinations.

These mosquito anti -"tricks" are all unreliable

Experts from the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center reminded that the following so -called anti -mosquito "tricks" do not try anymore, all are unreliable:

Mosquito repellent software;

Vitamin B1 mosquito repellent: composite vitamin B1 soaked in water and shake well, and spray it in the arm, legs, body and other parts before going to bed;

Alkaline water basin method: The aroma emitted by laundry powder and soap can attract mosquito to lay eggs in the water basin;

Eat garlic or indoor garlic;

The air conditioner is adjusted to 24 degrees Celsius, and the mosquito will not bite;

Swate the camphor pills and sprinkle it in the corner of the inside of the house;

Plant one or two tomatoes in the flower pot indoors, and the smell of tomatoes and leaves will drive the mosquito away;

Use orange glass paper or silk cloth on the bulb, mosquito is most afraid of orange red …

Select mosquito repellent products and try these methods:

There are many types of mosquito repellent products circulating on the market, such as electric mosquito shoots, electric mosquito coils, mosquito coils, pesticides, mosquito repellent bracelets, etc.Their principles of their role are different, the quality of the product is different, and the effects are uneven.Overall, the selection of suitable mosquito -extinguishing products mainly consider the following points:

See self -demand: Electric mosquito coils (slices) can be used indoors indoors; in the outdoor empty or air circulation venues, tray mosquito coils can be selected; if a large number of mosquitoes are required for short -term, pesticides can be selected;Carrying mosquito repellent liquids; families with infants and pregnant women, the preferred physical mosquito repellent, such as mosquito nets and electric mosquito auctions.

Look at brand quality: Select mosquito repellent products with agricultural registration certificates. These products often meet national standards and are more assured to use.

Look at the safety level: Generally, choose toxic levels with micro -toxic products.

See the content of ingredients: Common effective mosquito repellent ingredients such as Mosquito Anshides, mosquito esters, Ekaredin, lemon eucalyptus leaf oil, the proportion of mosquito repellent components is below 10%, which is relatively safer.

Do not shoot to death when you meet these kinds of bugs!

1. Consolidity

Some people may be unfamiliar with some people, but those who have been hurt by it must be unforgettable.Consolida can be simply divided into two types of toxic and non -poisonous. The poisonous one is the red and black appearance below.

Frequent places: Weeds and river damage to the human body: Consolidated wings will not actively attacked people, but it contains hidden wingworms.While people shoot it to death, a large amount of acidic venom exudes, burns and corrodes the skin.What to do if you get bitten: Do not shoot to death, blow the hidden wings to the ground, and step on to death.How to deal with injuries: If you are accidentally burned by venom, it is recommended to rinse with soapy water as soon as possible to neutralize the damage to the skin and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.2. Green thorn moth larvae green moth larva is commonly known as "foreign spicy". It is a more common caterpillar. The whole body is a poisonous thorns and poisonous hairs. When shooting them, they are almost the same as those of cactus.

Frequent places: Around the fruit trees, the grass is harmful to the human body: the poisonous hair and thorns of the green thorn moth larva are very small, and it is often not one after being stabbed.EssenceHow to deal with injuries: You can use a branch to pick it up from your body. Directly shooting the poisonous hair and stabbing of the green thorn larvae can be pierced into the skin, causing more serious allergic reactions.If you have symptoms of redness and itching, you can use a tape to stick poisonous hair on the affected area and rinse it with soapy water. If you do n’t improve, it is recommended to go to the hospital for medical treatment.3, tapeweton is also called "grass climbing", which lives with the blood of mammalian.They can bury their heads under the human skin, and the volume can swell to 10 times larger after blood -sucking.

Frequent places: weeds and forests harm the human body: Unlike the first two kinds of bugs, the response after the bitch bites is not so strong, but it will also have symptoms of itching and redness.In addition, tapeworms can also infect Lem disease and forest encephalopathy.How to deal with injuries: After discovering tapeworms, do not pull the tapeworms out of the tapeworm, but pull it deeper, and it is easy to leave its head in the skin.You can use alcohol and cigarette butt to stimulate tapeworm out of the skin. If there is no effect, or accompanied by fever and other symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for professional doctors.4. Everyone should know that bees are swollen by bees, but not all bees will be stunned.Only the workers will be sacrifice, and the males and bees will not.

Frequent places: Weeds and flowers harmed the human body: When the bee is a person, the poison needle on the tail will bring the venom to the human body.Venoms from the "venom gland" are weakly acidic, so the part of the cricket will feel red and swollen and hot. If the bee is shot, the thorns may stay in the skin.How to deal with injuries: The poisonous needle with the bee is upside down. It is difficult for ordinary people to take out the poison needles themselves. It is recommended to go to the hospital for professional doctors to deal with it.(Popular science comprehensive)

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