Do not take medicine during pregnancy?These 5 "misunderstandings" pregnant mothers are noticeable, and they have been benefited from knowing early

Everyone has never lacked the attitude of people from all walks of life to point out your life and teach your experience, especially after pregnancy.Although they are all kind, many experiences are not only wrong, but also can easily lead to pregnant women’s minds and entanglement, which is not conducive to pregnant women’s pregnancy health.For example, the following five common misunderstandings during pregnancy, you need to know.

1. Look at men and women in the shape of the belly?

It is completely unscientific to judge boys and girls by relying on the shape of the belly.Baby gender is completely determined by DNA, and if you want to know the gender of your baby, B -ultrasound and hemophilic trials are a more scientific and accurate method.

The shape of the prospective mother’s belly is different because of the different heads and positions of the fetus.If the fetus is facing the mother in the back of the uterus, the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly will be prominent. If it is facing the mother, it will be relatively flat.In addition, the body of the pregnant woman itself and the uterine body will also affect the shape of the belly.

2. Do not take medicine during pregnancy?

This is a point that most pregnant mothers insist on, because they are afraid that the drug component will affect the growth of the fetus, leading to deformity or other problems. Even if the disease is entangled, she dare not take medicine.

In fact, most of the common diseases have safety drugs used during pregnancy. As long as they are purchased and used according to the doctors’ suggestions, they will not cause excessive effects on the fetus. Instead, they will not see the doctor during pregnancy and will affect the fetal development.

3. Eat more fish during pregnancy, the fetus is smarter?

Active intake of fish during pregnancy will help the nutritional supplement of pregnant women and fetuses.However, if you eat a large amount of fish, especially deep -sea fish for a long time, you may consume too much metal substances and pass to the fetus to affect the fetal body development.In addition, parasites may exist in sashimi, and pregnant women are equally unfavorable.

4. The more you eat during pregnancy, the better?

Many pregnant women will consume a lot of food throughout pregnancy in order to make the fetus healthy.However, this will not only lead to huge children, but also pregnant women will also be overly obese throughout pregnancy, which can easily cause diseases such as gestational diabetes and pregnancy.

5. Electronic products are large radiation, can you not play during pregnancy?

Electronic products have completely occupied our lives, such as smartphones are one of them.However, there are many rumors that smart phones have great radiation. If the expectant mothers are used too, they will cause fetal malformations.However, in fact, electronic products are non -electrical radiation, and the amount of electromagnetic radiation is far less than one meter twelve, and it does not affect the human body.

However, if you are sitting for a long time and playing electronic products for a long time, you will indeed have a bad impact on the body, such as aggravating eye myopia, poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, incorrect fetal fetal positions, etc., so you should try to avoid playing for a long time.

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