Do not use skin care products during pregnancy?Just kidding, you can use these things

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When I was pregnant, many pregnant mothers found that their skin became poor.In order to improve the condition of the skin, some pregnant mothers want to use some skin care products to improve it.However, if you are worried about using skin care products, it will have an adverse effect on the fetus and do not know if it should be used.I don’t know if I can use skin care products.

Can pregnant mothers use skin care products?

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers can use skin care products when they are pregnant.However, due to the particularity of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should choose special skin care products for pregnant women with mild, natural, non -irritating, and high safety.Because in ordinary skin care products, it may contain a lot of irritating ingredients. After use, the pregnant mother may cause fetal malformation development and adversely affect the fetus.

How should pregnant mothers choose skin care products?

1. Facial

The maintenance of the face is always the first place, so it is also the top priority of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.In response to facial problems, pregnant mothers should choose those natural plants that contain a variety of essence skin care products.In addition, it must have a certain moisturizing effect, which can build a moisturizing barrier for the skin, reduce skin dryness and peeling during pregnancy, and lack nutritional conditions.

2. Hand

The hand is the second face of a woman. While facial care, the hand should not be pulled down.Especially when the weather is dry or cold, try to use those hand creams with good moisturizing effects to provide water and nutrition for mothers’ hands to make the skin skin more moist and smooth.

3. Lip

If the climate is very dry or windy, the pregnant mother’s lips will easily peel and crack. At this time, some lip balm should be used appropriately to keep the lips lasting moist and luster.It is recommended that pregnant mothers choose lipsticks containing plant components and high safety when choosing lipsticks to avoid using lip balm containing mineral oil.Because mineral oil is a chemical component, the pregnant mother may cause some harm to the fetus after use.

4. The body

If the pregnant mothers feel dry and tight, they can use some body moisturizing and wipe it after taking a bath to soothe the discomfort and keep the skin smooth and delicate.When buying physical milk, you should choose emulsion products that are safe and not stimulating, easy to absorb, and have deep moisturizing effects.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.As long as you choose special skin care products for pregnant women who are safe, natural, and non -irritating, you can perform appropriate skin care.However, for the healthy development of the fetus, those products that contain chemical components and irritating are not available.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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