Do n’t you get pregnant after squatting after life?There are risks, these 5 contraception methods can be selected

For both couples who do not intend to have children, contraception is a particularly important thing. After all, if artificial abortion surgery is performed due to accidental pregnancy, it will have a serious impact on women’s health, and sometimes it will cause some diseases.Such as endometritis.

Some husbands and wives do not take contraceptive measures when performing sexual life, but women will take some postures that can easily flow out of "liquid" after sex, such as squatting and bounce.This posture can indeed make it out, but it is only a part, so this method does not have a good contraceptive effect.

1. Perform sexual life during safety

For women with more accurate menstrual cycles, sexual life in a safe period is generally less likely to pregnancy. Generally, one week before and after menstruation is the safety period of women.Although sexual life in this period of time, the chance of pregnancy is relatively small, but it will still cause accidental pregnancy due to errors. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to adopt this method for contraception.

2, contraceptive ring

This contraceptive method is a contraceptive method that many women now use.The contraceptive effect of this method is better, and it can be able to contraception for a long time.However, because of this method of contraception, the contraceptive ring should be placed inside the woman’s body, so not all women are suitable for this method. Some women will have a series of uncomfortable symptoms after placing a contraceptive ring in the body.Such as low back pain, menstrual dripping, etc.

3. Constitution

This is an effective and safe contraceptive method. Generally, it will not affect the health of women, and it can also prevent the spread of some sex diseases. Therefore, it is best to choose this method between couples or couples.

4. Emergency contraception

If you do not take effective contraceptive measures for some reasons, you can take short -term contraceptives or long -term contraceptives for contraception afterwards.Although this method is more effective, if it is used for a long time, it will cause damage to women’s bodies, especially for long -term emergency contraceptives, which may also lead to a reduction in women’s pregnancy.

5. Moving surgery

Both men or women can use ligation surgery contraception. This contraceptive method can have an effect once and for all, but it is not used with men and women without children, because once this method is usedCan make women pregnant again.

If you do n’t have a child’s plan for the time being, you can prevent accidental pregnancy through various contraceptive methods.Under normal circumstances, it is best to choose the two methods of contraceptive ring or condom for contraception, because these two methods are less harmful to women and safer.If you do not take safety measures during sexual life, but do not have a plan to have a child, you can contraception through emergency contraception, but this method is best not to use for a long time.If you have a child and do n’t have a child ’s plan to do, then you can do a ligation surgery contraception. As for whoever does this surgery, you can discuss it and then make a decision.contradiction.

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