@!Do these six things and have a healthy baby

In the vast crowd, when he met one person, he made a promise of "holding his hand and growing old", and accompanied him into the palace of marriage.The next life of life must be expected to add a small member to the family to complete the three happy mouths of happiness.Newly -married couples, do you know how to prepare for pregnancy and create a healthy starting point for the cute little life?

Newly married couple, do these six things, have a healthy baby

First, pay attention to the living environment and adjust the temperature of the room;

Do not live in newly renovated houses. Far away from environments rich in harmful substances in the first three months of pregnancy. Women avoid using cosmetics and perfumes, men avoid electric blankets, high -temperature baths, etc.;-26 ℃ is conducive to the quality of sperm and the formation of embryos.

Second, remove the "odor" and quit cigarettes;

3-6 months before pregnancy, for the health of the baby, you must quit smoking, because harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarettes will not only pollute the indoor air, but also cause embryonic cell proliferation and differentiation to be adversely affected.

Third, supplement folic acid;

Folic acid is a vitamin that supplements folic acid, which can effectively prevent the baby’s neural tube malformation.It is recommended that you can supplement it on time from the first three months of pregnancy to 3 months after conception.

Fourth, nutrition balance;

Increase nutrition, do not partial eclipse, do not picky, eat light diet, less oil and less salt, thickness and thinness, balanced, insist on drinking milk every day, eating soybeans or soy products, eating more vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and appropriately increase the intake of seafood.

Fifth, calculate the ovulation period;

Women excrete a mature egg every month, and the eggs survive for 12-24 hours. Therefore, grab the wife’s ovulation period and take time together to make the road prepare for more than double the way to prepare.Therefore, fertility experts recommend that sexual life every day before ovulation day, so that you can ensure that sexual life can be performed during each physiological conception, and you can also maintain the activity of your husband’s sperm.

Sixth, exercise moderately, exercise;

A healthy physique is the guarantee of the baby’s health. Adhering to moderate exercise, especially aerobic exercise, improves autoimmune, can also increase the vitality of sperm and eggs and increase the surrogacy rate.

Being a father and mother, that’s the happiest feeling. Since then, there is a cute little life around him.The first step of the health of the baby in the future depends on the health of sperm and eggs. It is the result of the joint efforts of the husband and wife. A good diet, a strong body, and a nutritious diet can help you prepare for pregnancy more efficiently. For the baby’sHealthy, come on!

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