Do we need to provide oxygen in the breeding cylinder?

Yesterday, I sent a video of the mini parrot fish breeding fish seedlings. This is the third nest of two months. Many fishermen are asking the fish tank for filtration? Is there oxygen supply in the fish tank?There is also a filter in the fish tank. What should I do if the small fish fry is born?

Old fish farming can be polite to say that most of the filters in the fish tank can also breed fish fry, most of which are unexpected situations. This is what we breed or ornamental fish.Right way.

If we want the survival rate of small fish fry is relatively high, we don’t want to breed ornamental fish in the hybrid tank anyway. Whether it is goldfish, koi, tropical fish, they are the same.What happened.

Regardless of whether it is a single variety or a multi -breed mixer, one is that even the small fish fry will be attacked by other ornamental fish even if they are alive.Have all the fish eggs.

Another is that in this case, ordinary big fish care for small fish will also be quite laborious, which is likely to damage the big fish, or cause the ornamental fish to die due to various fierce fighting phenomena.

Therefore, if there is a filter in the fish tank, assuming that there is a pro -fish breeding, we still have to try to put forward the big fish and fry together and enter the breeding tank alone for breeding.

What isolation nets or moves such as stockings at the bottom of the filter are basically superfluous, but we have to do it as a last resort.When this happens, we might as well remove all the fish eggs and wait for the next nest to breed alone.

In many cases, for example, goldfish or parrot fish suddenly lay eggs in the fish tank. If the number of dead or white fish eggs is too large, it is likely to be seriously polluted to the water quality of the fish tank. That is to say, the fish tank is the fish tank.There are filtering and breeding ornamental fish, which can not be said at all.

For any ornamental fish we breed, the most important thing is the most important thing in addition to how the pro -fish is paired, distinguish between male and female, conditioning the pH and water temperature of water body, the most important point is the water quality and water body of the fish tank.The water quality of the fish tank can basically do not use oxygen breeding without supplying oxygen, and they will not have oxygen supply in the wild.

1. There is no oxygen supply of small peacock fish

Evically fetal ornamental fish such as Peacock Fish, Black Mary, Moonlight Fish, even if we just find a small container, they can breed smoothly. Of course, if the container is larger, it will be better.Also need oxygen.

Second, mini parrot fish, tiger skin fish, zebra fish, etc., do not need oxygen breeding

The fishing rate of these ornamental fish is still very high, and the fish body is small. As long as our breeding water bodies are large, such as using a fish tank of about 40 cm, put such a pair of pro -fish, there is no additional oxygen supply at all.

Third, goldfish reproduction never has to be oxygen

For the breeding of goldfish, most of them will not be peroxicated. Generally, ordinary families use small tile pots or small water tanks for reproduction. The water body is relatively large.It depends on the size of the water body without oxygen, and most of them will not provide oxygen.

Fourth, Douyu and the like are not afraid of hypoxia

Like Douyu, no matter what kind of reproduction is required, oxygen is not conducive to the survival of small fish fry, because their fish eggs enter the nest floating on the water.Oxygen will scatter the nest, and the male fish will be busy building the nest. In the process, it is possible to eat the small fish accidentally.

5. Swallowfish and colorful

Not only the swallow fish and colorful, but also the most medium -sized cichlids ornamental fish, which depends on the size of our incubation water body. For exampleThe fry oxygen, and the other is that most of them breed in the fish farm, and the breeding cylinder is small, saving costs, so it must be oxygen.

Or for some small fish fry for some incubation fish, we may buy separate incubators. They need to be oxygen because the water is too small.

In many other cases, no oxygen is completely due to the choice of the owner. Many fishermen will not succeed in breeding of swallow fish and colorful.Naturally breeding the colorful fairy, and the small fish seedlings can still survive, but we psychologically feel that the high -end varieties such as the colorful color are more oxygen than no oxygen.

In fact, there are many factors that can be successful in breeding cichlids. There will be many factors that have the right to decide, but there will be problems such as water quality, water body, and feeding.Fish will eat small fish, always worrying that the big fish will not be full, so even during the spawning period, it is a strong feeding, especially to feed foods such as feeding Niu Xin Hamburg.Water quality cannot be guaranteed at all, so there will be a lot of small fish seedlings white eggs.

Another factors such as the maturity of the white hair and the maturity of male and female fish, male and female fertilization, male and female Pisces’ heart problems, emotional problems, and many factors will be related to it, and it is not a single oxygen supply supply can be completely solved.

In summary, it is not that all ornamental fish must need to be oxygen during reproduction, and the filter system must not be added. It is purely more than that, and it will cause losses of fish fry.

We have also seen that there are not many ornamental fish that requires oxygen breeding. The key issues are not here. Of course, if we breed large cichlids such as map fish, we cannot effectively ensure the water quality and water body of the fish tank.It must increase the oxygen content, after all, the survival rate of plenty of oxygen fry will increase.

However, no matter how sufficient the oxygen of the water body, it does not mean that the water quality of the fish tank is no problem. These are two different concepts. Sometimes, if there is more oxygen, it cannot change the problem of white eggs.

Today is mainly targeted at the breeding of various small ornamental fish proposed by fishermen. There will be more and more details of the breeding of other ornamental fish. These are mentioned in my previous articles that the fishermen can view it by themselves.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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