Do women do not ovulate?Doctors enumerated: These factors are "the murderer behind it"

We know that if you want women to get pregnant normally, we should first ensure normal ovulation.The reason for women’s ovulation is more complicated, mainly caused by the following three aspects.

Causes of non -ovulation 1. High catalysis cause

Because the secretion of normal pituitary hormones will be affected by prolactin, if high prolactin ledis occurs, it will cause ovarian dysfunction, which will affect the development of follicles, and will cause abnormal ovarian ovulation function.

Cause of non -ovulation 2. Polycystic ovary syndrome

If you have polycystic ovary syndrome, it will affect the development of follicles, and it will naturally affect the normal ovulation of women.If women cannot conceive normally for a long time, they should be alert to whether polycystic ovary syndrome occurs.Polycystic ovary syndrome will not only affect ovulation, but also cause problems such as excessive body hair and body obesity.

Reasons for ovulation 3. Premature ovarian failure

If the ovary premature failure occurs, then it will also affect the ovulation function of the ovaries. Folk follicle development will occur, and the ovulation cells will naturally not ovulation.Many female friends usually have unhealthy living habits, irregular abortion and daily life, and food that like to eat cold foods. They are often cold. These bad habits are the causes of premature ovarian failure.

When women cannot conceive normally for a long time, they are caused by not ovulation. First of all, the cause must be clear, and then choose a treatment plan that suits them according to the condition and cause. At the same time, Even amenorrhea, then life conditioning and drug treatment should be done.

You should usually control your weight reasonably. You cannot be too obese and overweight, because excessive obesity can also induce various diseases and affect the endocrine system.When you usually pay attention to diet health, you must change the bad habits of smoking, avoid excessive income heat, should control the amount of fat and cholesterol, and be careful not to drink too much carbonated drinks.

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