Do you believe in fetal dreams?

When it comes to the dream of fetal, it is estimated that some mothers have a deep understanding, but some mothers may not have experienced it. The following is my personal experience. I hope to wake up some expectant mothers and the expectant mothers.

Ten years ago, I was pregnant with a pair of twins. When my family knew it, I was ecstatic. I was also immersed in the joy of being a mother for the first time. As the two babies grew up day by day, the whole family was for the health of the child.Growth is also painstaking. I was taken care of very well, looking forward to the day they were born.But just when I was more than 7 months pregnant, I had a dream one night, dreaming that the family went out to play. My mother hugged a baby and walked in front. I also held a baby in my arms, but my mother hugged itI can see his face clearly, but the baby’s face is blurred, just like we are separated by a frosted glass in the middle.Because it was just a dream, I didn’t care too much at first.

However, I did not expect that I had another dream in less than half a month. I dreamed that the baby was born, but there was only one baby on the bed. In the dream, I also asked my family: "Isn’t it two babies? How can there be only one birth."The family pointed at my belly and said," Isn’t there one in your belly? He has to wait a month to be born. "This sentence did not remember until now.Later, I told my family the dream I made, and even the doctor who helped me to check in. They all said that I had too much consideration. The night before my delivery, one of my babies had an accident.Everything was normal that night. As a result, the child seemed to be unmoved as soon as he woke up. He hurried to the hospital for examination, and the doctor told the child that he had no fetal heart!At that time, I was blinded, and I couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to accept this fact. I was accompanied by my family and went to two hospitals. The results were the same. One of my babies was gone.

Then I lived in an obstetrics and gynecology hospital. After all, there was still a small life in my belly. In order to keep him, I received a lot of sins. After more than ten days, I successfully gave birth to their brothers with the help of a doctor.Three days, when they were born, I was really sad and happy.

After that, I inadvertently recalled this. I found that the date of birth of the two children was actually nearly a month before the due date. This has to be remembered again.After me, I just understand this for the first time.

I accidentally conceived Erbao the year before. Fortunately, everything went smoothly when the child was born. When the child was born, it was 41 weeks and three days, 8 pounds and 6 two. The whole family was very happy.Shocked, the two treasures were almost exactly the same as when his brother was born.I don’t know if it was me who came back again. Up to now, I always have an inexplicable feeling for him.

My experience is just a wonderful example. I just hope that all babies in the world can come to this world peacefully and awaken the expectant mothers. In addition to regular regular checkups, you must learn to count during the third trimester of pregnancy.For fetal movement, it is best to prepare a fetal heart monitor at home to master the baby’s fetal heart status at any time.I wish all mothers in the world have a smart and healthy baby.

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