Do you believe in fetal dreams, do you really have a baby dream?

The previous part said that I accidentally tested the two bars. Well, I was sure I had it, and then, I dreamed that night, this is also the first baby dream of Huai Dabao in ten months.I ignored anyone with many sisters, but there was an old lady who couldn’t see her face, pointed at a pile of eggs and said that one person was picking one.EssenceI picked a particularly big egg and couldn’t hold my hands with both hands. I wanted to put it down but I couldn’t let it go. Suddenly the egg was cracking. I said that I would change it. The old lady pointed at me with a stick.I watched this egg, the crack was getting bigger and bigger. Later, the eggshell was gone. There was only one fat. The bare little doll smiled at me in my hands, and then everything in the surrounding surroundings disappeared.

The second baby dream can not be remembered for a few months. I went out to play with my friends. Passing by a orchard, I went in. After entering, I had a variety of fruits of grapefruit grapes strawberry apple peaches.Why can’t I finish it?

The third dream, dreaming of a baby who holds six or seven months, is with the family. The baby hugs the hug is also a bald and fat child. Someone asked as a boy and girl. I saidBoy, there is also a dream -like dream (later gave birth to a girl, which shows that the dream dream is not allowed)

My husband also made two. The first was to play mobile phone standing. Suddenly, one of several children shouted dads and played with me. My husband said that you recognize the wrong person. The child continues to call Dad. You are me.Dad, the children later dragged my husband to play with them. The children had men and women, and the children of his father did not know the gender.EssenceEssenceThe second is that my husband went out to throw garbage. Several little boys dragged my husband to call my dad to let my husband accompany them to hide and seek, and to buy lollipop. My husband said that I am not your father, let them go home, theyIgnore it, continue to ask my husband to play with them. Later, my husband took them to buy lollipop and went to the result.

Have you ever had a dream during pregnancy?IntersectionIs there really a dream?IntersectionDo you believe in fetal dreams?Intersection

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