Do you can stop the medicine?

Some pregnant women are afraid that the drug will affect the baby. Is it okay to stop the medicine as soon as they are pregnant?

Eugenics is a good desire for every family. As parents, they want their babies to grow up healthy and happy.If a pregnant woman with hypothyroidism wants to "give birth to a healthy baby", she needs to keep in mind the following three steps:

1. Look at the doctor regularly

2. Regularly check the thyroid function

3. Adjust the dose in time under the guidance of a doctor

There are always some pregnant women who are too worried that taking medicine during pregnancy will affect the development of the fetus. As soon as they see that the thyroid function is normal, the medicine is stopped. It is believed that the stopping medicine will not affect the fetus.However, it is precisely the opposite, and the suspension of medicine without authorization will have a bad impact on pregnant women and fetuses.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the thyroid gland of the fetus has not yet developed, and thyroid hormones cannot be produced. The thyroid hormone required for fetal development is mainly derived from the mother.At this time, if the thyroid hormone in the pregnant woman is insufficient, the nerve nerve of the fetus cannot be fully developed, which will directly affect the fetal intelligence, and severe cases can also occur in severe cases.

Therefore, once a pregnant woman finds hypothyroidism, she should go to the hospital in time and use alternative treatment to restore the level of thyroid hormone in the blood to normal as soon as possible to prevent the growth and development of the fetus from being affected.

However, if it is a pregnancy preparation stage, it is recommended that expectant mothers conduct a series of pregnancy examinations before and during pregnancy to ensure their children’s health.The most common prenatal examinations include gynecological ultrasound, gonad hormone, ovarian function, etc., and thyroid function.

This is because the embryo cannot secrete thyroid hormone by itself in the early stages of formation, especially the first three months, and thyroid hormone is an indispensable seed hormone for fetal growth and development.Growing up, whether it is hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism or thyroiditis, it will have adverse effects on the growth and development of the child. Because of the high level of estrogen and progesterone, women in childcare age will also be higherEssence

Due to pregnancy with thyroid diseases may cause serious consequences.Therefore, the detection of thyroid function levels in the age of childbearing age has attracted widespread attention to screening thyroid diseases.At present, thyroid function tests during pregnancy examination have become important projects for eugenics and excellent breeding screening. The examination of thyroid function in childcare age is of great significance for eugenics.

The thyroid disease is still recommended to prepare in advance before pregnancy, can stabilize the situation, and finally have a healthy and beautiful baby!

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