Do you have abnormal uterine bleeding?

Regardless of the usual life or at work, someone always asked me why I have passed the menstrual period and bleeds, will I get sick?I usually say that as long as the menstrual flow does not have a large amount of menstrual flow, don’t panic!Today, I will talk to you about the abnormal uterine bleeding.

Oach ovulation -free uterus abnormal bleeding

This bleeding mostly occurs in women in adolescence or menopausal periods.Let’s talk about adolescent women first.During the adolescence, the female estrogen secretion was too much, which led to the continuous thickening of the endometrium, but the development was not perfect, resulting in slight changes in various external factors such as academic pressure and environmental changes.It shows endless menstruation, and sometimes hemorrhage is particularly many. At this time, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

There are also menopausal. Women in this period are about to be close to menopause. Ovarian function has gradually declined, follicles cannot mature and ovulate, so that ovulation -free uterine abnormal bleeding will occur

2. Ovulation uterine abnormal bleeding

This situation will occur in women in childhood.The main cause of bleeding during this period is luteum.I also mentioned before that when a woman ovulates, it will form luteum.Bleeding is divided into two cases: luteal dysfunction and luteal atrophy.

Uacbridating dysfunction is usually manifested as shortened menstrual cycle or bleeding before menstruation.The luteal atrophy is usually manifested as a prolonged menstruation, and the endometrium is incomplete.

3. Other

When ectopic pregnancy is determined that after being pregnant, he finds that he has irregular vaginal bleeding, then ectopic pregnancy may occur.

Normal pregnancy will also have a manifestation of bleeding.Need to identify with ectopic pregnancy.

In addition, there may be reproductive organs tumors, improper use of sex hormone drugs, and in -palace.

The treatment of this uterus abnormal bleeding is actually very simple.That is to give it to the doctor.Haha, Xiaobian said here today, do you want to know what else do you want to know?If you want to know, you can send a private message!

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