Do you keep rest after flowing?In fact, pay attention to the best exercise after these points!

Ms. Wang was 30 years old, but she was pregnant again a while ago.After the husband discussed, they decided to take advantage of being pregnant to be a flow of people.After the operation, she was very weak. She asked her husband to ask the doctor some precautions. Can there be some appropriate exercise after the abortion? The husband immediately asked the doctor. Although the flow of people was a very harmful thing, the time of each timeDuan has suitable exercise intensity, so no matter how worried and explaining some attention, let Ms. Wang’s husband take good care of his wife after returning home, and he can heal soon.

Because the society is open, the flow of people is indeed a very common thing now. Many girls want to know if they can exercise slightly after the operation. Is it the best to stay in bed?In fact, it is not that after the flow of people is weak, but after lying down for a while, after the energy is slightly recovered, you can get out of bed for activities.Let’s explain the precautions of each stage today.

First, in the days when the operation just ended, it was best to keep it in bed most of the time, but it was not necessary to lie down completely. You can get out of bed appropriately.For example, when the sun is good, you can go to the window to bask in the sun, or you can get out of bed and pour a glass of water. The strength cannot be too large within a week, and it is best to keep the range in your own home.Because it is a recovery period within a week, and the body may still have a certain degree of bleeding, don’t be too anxious.

Second, you must remember to go to the hospital for an examination after about a week. The main examination of the uterus has returned to normal work, and the various indicators of the body are returned to normal.After that, you can strengthen some exercise appropriately. After dinner, go out for a walk and go to the park. It is okay to go to the park.

Third, if there is no accident, it will appear normally in about a month or so, which proves that the body has returned to the beginning. You can choose some activities to enhance the quality of the body, such as aerobic running, and yoga riding bicycles.

During these stages, pay attention to eating fresh and gentle foods. Do not eat stimulating things that are easy to infect, which can also help the body recover.Do not touch cold water and too fatigue before menstruation recovery. These will make your uterus recover slower or even fall into the root cause.However, no matter how to raise it, I hope that the girls will protect themselves after all.

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