Do you know the misunderstanding of detoxification?

I don’t know when "detoxification" has begun to appear in the hot topic of Chinese people.Many people think that detoxification is beauty, detoxification is health, and detoxification is longevity.As everyone knows, the health of more and more Chinese people is destroyed on these two words -detoxification.

They don’t know what toxic is, not to know how to detox, and they do not know what the discharge of poison is. They are only detoxifying for detoxification.They were diligent, and the tragedy happened. The more poison on them, the worse and worse their bodies.

What are the misunderstandings of detoxification?

1. Her so -called detoxification is steaming every day

I do n’t know when, the steaming hall of China has sprung up like rain. Many people think that sweating is the best way to detoxify, sweat is garbage, which is toxin.

A young Baoma in Henan, after the confinement ended, heard that the suggestions of friends couldn’t wait to steam, saying that it could be discharged from the toxins accumulated during pregnancy.In the winter, sweat steaming every day, sweating every day, and it feels very comfortable at the beginning. I don’t want to come out in a warm sweat steaming room.

Suddenly one day, she found that her heart was getting worse and worse, and she always felt panicked. There was an inexplicable fear, dare not go at night, dare not turn off the lights to sleep.Looping, scaring heart to jump out.I thought I had coronary heart disease and went to the hospital to check what was not comfortable.

She doesn’t understand, isn’t sweating detoxification?I look at many people to sweat steaming. Why are they okay?

Proper sweating and sweating are detoxifying, sweating and detoxifying are right, but if there is no sweat and steaming every day, it is not detoxification, but tossing.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sweat is the liquid of the heart, sweat is homologous, and sweating more is hurting blood. What blood hurts?The injury is the heart blood.His heart was injured, and Xinyang would be injured.Insufficient blood, blood does not nourish the heart, the heart fire will always float, so there will be panic and palpitations.

Now what?

Shengmai drinks addition and subtraction: ginseng, Ophiopogon, Schisandra, jujube kernel, cypress kernel.

The recipe of the medicine king Sun Siyi is particularly suitable for sweating too much.Ginseng is strong and yang, and Ophiopogyin nourishes heart and lung yin. At the same time, it can prevent ginseng from being too warm and dry. Schisandrazi directly nourishes the heart. At the same time, there is a convergent function to retract the excessive dissipated mind.Sour jujube and Bai Ziren directly nourish their hearts.This recipe is very strong. If you want to eliminate evil, you can take it with cinnabar.However, cinnabarian pills can only be used for emergency and cannot be served often.

After eating a period of drinking, she felt that the symptoms were reduced a lot, indicating that she would never sweat and steam again.

2. Her so -called detoxification is to clean the intestines and take laxatives

A girl in Shaanxi is actually not fat, but I always feel that there are too many toxins on her body, especially the intestines. They are anxious when they do not defecate in a day.

As a result, all kinds of weight loss tea and Changrun tea are never intermittent.

Later, she got a kind of "depression" disease, that is, the whole popularity was as good as possible, and she couldn’t get up.The voice of speaking is getting smaller and smaller, and his voice is small, and he also said that the ears of others are not good.The qi went down, the stomach sags, the lower abdomen swelled, and the abdomen was swollen if I couldn’t eat much. It started to worsen in the afternoon. There was a drooping uterine, and the prolapse of the anus was really miserable.

It is strange that you can pull it all the day without getting rid of it.These so -called intestinal medicine are all laxatives, which hurts the spleen and stomach, and hurts righteousness. These medicines make your qi go down.Formation of atmosphere.

Later, the girl went to see the Chinese medicine medicine and started to drink Sijunzi soup.

Four Gentlemen Soup: Ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice.

This is the first medicine for nourishing the spleen and qi. When the urgent work, she must raise her qi and raise it.While taking medicine, drink water with Yama medicine every day, fifty grams at a time, only drink water, do not take yam, Huai Yam is a master of supplement, which can restore your spleen and stomach function.

After taking it for a while, her whole person was in a lot of mental state, her appetite, and the amount of rice increased, and she even became ashamed of the anus of the teeth.

It can be said that this girl’s disease is made by herself.You know, the "stool" of our intestine cannot be completely emptied, and the function of Jiao Xun in the empty emptiness is abnormal.

Third, her so -called detoxification is irrigation, eight cups are not enough

There is a big sister in Yunnan, with swollen faces, big bags under the eyes, and even more swollen below the waist.Press the calf and get up for a long time.

This is the edema caused by spleen and kidney yang deficiency. The transportation ability of the spleen and stomach is weak, and the kidney’s gasification function is weak. As a result, the water and wetness of the body cannot be metabolized.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends that she eats less cold, drink less water, and don’t have eight glasses of water a day.She was surprised and said that experts on TV said that drinking plenty of water and at least eight glasses of water a day, so as to help detoxification. Why do you suggest that I drink less water?I can be more than eight cups of water a day, and the thermos cup is not left.

It can be said that her illness was drinking water.At this time, do you listen to "experts" or listen to your body?Your body has already told you, you ca n’t drink so much water, you still drink it, who do n’t you look for you?Do you think water does not need to be transported?Do you think the water will discharge the poison when drinking water?Your way of drinking water is not detoxification or poisoning!

Later, she began to take the Chinese pills of the Chinese patent medicine, which is the best medicine for the treatment of spleen and kidney yang deficiency.Unexpectedly, she only ate for a day, and found that the edema on her face disappeared!

But this is only a cure, and the root cause must rely on the habit of quitting badly. Don’t eight glasses a day.

4. Her so -called detoxification is fasting, not eating staple food

Fasting is Western statement, and Chinese statement is called Pigu.Occasionally, it is okay to break it once. Since ancient times, there have been "warehouses" therapy, but it is not necessary to fast or even continue to fast, especially ordinary people with seven loves and six desires, let alone fast break.

A friend, seeing that fasting can be detoxified from the Internet, you can clean up all the garbage on your body, so that your body can be cleaned up once, and your heart is excited, so he starts toothed.

Do not eat staple foods a day, only eat vegetables and fruits, and do n’t eat vegetables and fruits when you encounter a rest day.

There is quite perseverance, and I have a mystery in the circle of friends every day, and persisted for a month.

A month later, the aunt did not come, but it was on time.She started to panic.

There are two main reasons for my aunt: the meridians are not connected, the qi stagnation, and the qi and blood can not come; the meridians are common, but the qi and blood are insufficient, and there is no qi and blood. Naturally, there is no aunt.The food is very hilarious every day. There should be nothing unhappy. The meridians should be common.There is only one reason, that is, the blood and blood are seriously insufficient.Why lack of qi and blood?I don’t need to say this, right?

She was shocked, was she fasting?

It is not "reforing", it is "certain"!

She was relieved, that’s okay, thinking that I was seriously ill.Now what?

What else can I do?Don’t fast, Xiaomi porridge drinks, and Siwu Decoction drinks.When the qi and blood were sufficient, the aunt naturally came.

5. Her so -called detoxification is to drink raw fruit and vegetable juice crazy

A friend, a follower of Western culture. I heard that drinking raw fruit and vegetable juice can detoxify and face, and she did not want to act.

No vegetables and fruits cannot be squeezed.

Later, the results can be imagined that the acne on her face was not discharged by drinking raw juice every day. Instead, there were more and more.The kind of difficult to disappear.When she saw her again, she drank a glass of bitter gourd juice, and suddenly had a stomach pain, which was very severe.

I didn’t say anything, I ran to the kitchen and took a piece of ginger, let her contain, and then eat it.

After eating, her stomach pain quickly relieved.

She was surprised and asked me how I did it?It is more effective than painkillers!

I told her that her stomach cold was already very serious, and she was drinking raw fruit and vegetable juice.

She said that she was dissatisfied, and the Westerners were fine every day.

I asked her, are you a Westerner?Do you know what Westerners’ tongue is?One side raises one person, and the physique of Westerners is different from us. Don’t forget that you are Chinese, you are the spleen and stomach of the Chinese.The Chinese spleen and stomach should eat cooked food.

What is "poison" in Chinese medicine?

"Poison", "Said the Word" is "thick, the grass of people".In the context of traditional Chinese culture, there is a simple point of view, which is harmful to people."Poison" is very widely used in Chinese medicine. It is a concept of distinctive characteristics, but often sees abuse and generalization because of unclear meaning.

Poisonous evils are divided into inside and outside.External poison refers to the infection of the qi of the epidemic, or the evolution of the evil of the six prostitution, or refers to some toxic pathogenic substances; internal poison refers to the end of the daily penetration of the pathogenic product.Generally speaking, external poisoning is often acute, changing rapidly, changing multiple endings, dangerous condition, and sometimes a strong specificity for the disease. It is characterized by "one poison and one disease" and a single condition.Veroxic disease is complicated, long course, and difficulty in gum.

In the state of gathering, condensation, and obstruction, the six -prostic and evil qi shows the characteristics of "thickness", which is significantly enhanced, and can cause the human body to cause urgency, crisis and evidence.Such as cold poison, heat poison, summer poison, wet poison, dry poison, wind poison and so on.

So how do we detoxify?

Of course, please consult a Chinese medicine professional!

If you want to detoxify, you must first figure out what is the poison on your body?If it is chaotic, the injury is your blood.In my heart, due to the great changes in the times and living habits, the Chinese are basically all five poisons now. The difference is that there are more people and few people!

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