Do you know these 6 precautions?

I often listen to people and say: I ca n’t make up when I am pregnant, I ca n’t raise pets, do n’t do exercise, etc. Many things cannot be done.As a mother -in -law and a 6 -year -old mother -in -child pregnancy and infant teacher experience, the doctor combines some suggestions to give you some small TIPES.

· One, don’t eat raw food and just come out of the refrigerator.Because there is something just taken from the refrigerator, there is a kind of diarrhea and fever of pregnant women, which will cause some very serious problems in the fetus.

· Second, quit smoking and drinking.Nowadays, I think it is very tolerant of girls. Everyone can smoke, drink, and jumpy can be done.But when you are a pregnant mother, these will really have a very serious impact on your baby, and serious ones may cause fetal malformations.

· Three, reject Ge You lying.Sitting on pregnant mothers for a long time will have a certain impact on the blood circulation of the body, causing the blood to be unable to circulate normally, and then compress the fetal baby.Persist in walking every day, promote blood circulation, and give your baby a healthy living environment.

Fourth, avoid high -risk behavior, do not take things at high altitudes, change light bulbs, do not think about it.Try not to do squatting or leading Ershiro’s legs, which can easily lead to the blood of the pregnant mother’s blood, decreased blood pressure, and dizziness, and can also cause the fetus to be oppressed.

Avoiding harmful substances, harmful substances include many, such as hair dyeing, nails, eyelashes, and so on.Hair dyeing substances will enter the body through hair, and it will have some effects.But nails and the like can stick a piece of armor.Like skin care products, we need to see the ingredients of skin care products, whether there is substances that are harmful to pregnant women.

· In the last point, be sure to maintain a beautiful mood.Some literatures pointed out that in a state of bad mood for pregnant mothers, the baby’s character development will really have a great impact.So throughout pregnancy, all we have to do is to make ourselves happy.

I hope everyone will be a happy mother, remember to like it!Learn more about parenting.

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