Do you need to check your teeth and wisdom teeth before pregnancy?

Whether the wisdom tooth is needed before pregnancy depends on the personal situation and the advice of dentists.Generally speaking, if you need to pull wisdom tooth, it is best to pull it off before preparing for pregnancy, because tooth extraction may take some time to recover, and you don’t want to encounter oral problems during pregnancy.

If your wisdom teeth are no problem, you do not need to be extracted.However, if the wisdom teeth have begun to grow, it may affect your oral health, such as crowded teeth and poor bite.At this point, you should consult your dentist and listen to their suggestions.

In short, if you plan to get pregnant, you are better to conduct regular oral examinations before preparing for pregnancy and follow the advice of dentists.This can ensure your oral health and avoid unnecessary problems during pregnancy.

Generally, before the wisdom tooth extraction, the dentist will ask for the X -ray film to determine the position, shape, size, orientation of the wisdom teeth, and the relationship between the structure of the surrounding structures (such as nerves, blood vessels, other teeth, etc.).This helps dentists evaluate the difficulty and risks of tooth extraction surgery, and formulate appropriate treatment plans.

X -rays can show the integrity of wisdom teeth, and the relationship between teeth and other bones, nerves and blood vessels. This information is critical to the success of tooth extraction surgery.In addition, X -rays can also help dentists determine whether it is needed for additional treatment, such as antibiotics, dental surgery or other measures.

Therefore, if you need to draw wisdom tooth, dentists usually recommend shooting X -rays to ensure the smooth operation of the operation.Please note that X -rays usually expose your body parts, so please make sure your doctor follows appropriate radiation protection measures to ensure your safety.

If you need wisdom tooth extraction, it is usually recommended to wait at least a week after the tooth extraction surgery to ensure that the oral wound is fully healed and recovered.During this time, you need to follow the advice of the tooth doctors, such as avoiding hard food, no smoking, etc. to help recover

Generally speaking, wisdom tooth surgery itself does not have an impact on preparation, but during the recovery after surgery, some drugs (such as painkillers or antibiotics) may be needed. These drugs may have adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, before considering pregnancy, it is best to consult the safety of these drugs to dentists and follow their suggestions.

If you need to perform oral X -ray examination (such as filming), it will usually not affect your fertility.However, if you need to take the area near the reproductive organs, it is recommended to consult a doctor for a period of time before checking.

Under normal circumstances, after the oral X -ray examination, you can start preparing for pregnancy immediately, there is no need to wait.However, if you need to perform oral surgery (such as wisdom tooth extraction) and take some drugs (such as analgesic or antibiotics), it is recommended to wait for a period of time after surgery to ensure that the drug is discharged from the body, usually about a week.During this time, you should follow the doctor’s advice and reduce the use of drugs as much as possible.

In short, oral X -ray examination usually does not have much impact on preparation, and you can start preparing for pregnancy immediately after examination.However, if you need to perform surgery or take medicine, it is best to wait for a period of time after surgery and follow the doctor’s advice, and then consider pregnancy.

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