Do you need to do pre -pregnancy examination after a marriage check?Checking before pregnancy must not be saved!

Everyone knows that it is mainly inspected the reproductive system and infectious diseases. What is the pre -pregnancy examination?Do you need to do pre -pregnancy examination before marriage?What items do you include before pregnancy?

Three reasons for you to do pre -pregnancy examination

Pre -pregnancy examination is a examination of the couple before preparing for pregnancy. The doctor will evaluate based on your living habits and the environment, and then put forward the corresponding opinions so that the husband and wife can better prepare for pregnancy.Its role is mainly in the following three aspects:

1. Check the ability of pregnancy

The living environment is not as good as before, and I was pregnant in the past. There were fewer problems with problems and malformations in the baby.First check the reproductive system of both parties to see if the body of the two parties is suitable for pregnancy.

2. Reduce the risk of pregnancy

No one wants to have a problem with the baby, but sometimes he doesn’t even know if he is sick or not, because many minor illnesses have no symptoms in the early stage, but pregnancy may stimulate the development of the disease, which affects the health of the fetus.Through pre -pregnancy examination, you can check genetic diseases and infectious diseases in advance. Even if some minor illnesses can affect pregnancy, it can also prevent and treat in advance.

3. Give preparation guidance

Doctors will judge the physical condition of both sides and give guidance so that the two sides will conceive your baby at the fastest time, which also avoids your concerns and trouble.

What items are included before pregnancy?

In addition to some conventional examinations before pregnancy, women’s examinations mainly include the following: urine routine, blood routine, chromosomal examination, gynecological examination, deformed sets (rubella, bowworm, giant cytomegal virus), sexually transmitted diseases, liver function, and sex hormones.Men’s pre -pregnancy examination is the most important thing is semen. Of course, chromosomal, liver function and blood test are also needed.

Do you need to do pre -pregnancy examination after a marriage check?

Many people think that they do not have to do pre -pregnancy examinations after a marriage check. In fact, they are not, because the two are still slightly different.In addition, the marriage examination and pregnancy examination are also separated by a period of time. It is difficult to protect the body that has not changed, so pre -pregnancy examinations are still necessary and cannot be saved.

The best time for pre-pregnancy examination: From the perspective of medical care, pre-pregnancy examination should not be too early or too late. It is best to arrange 3-6 months before pregnancy, so that even if problems are found, it can be treated and prevented in time.

Precautions before pregnancy

1. Women should be empty, and they have to eat light diet three days before the physical examination. Do not eat blood -based foods such as pig liver and pig blood.

2. If a man has a blood -drawing project, he also requires an empty stomach to ban smoke and alcohol three days before the inspection.

3. Women should be performed within one week after the menstrual period is clean before pregnancy. Do not do it during menstruation.

4. Avoid sexual life in the first three days.

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