Do you really need to do "pelvic repair" after giving birth and widening?

As a "person" who has experienced production experience, he can fully understand the "destroy" of pregnancy+production to a woman. The small waist becomes a bucket waist, and the small hips become down and big …

These changes are more unacceptable than the pain of having children.

As a result, various "postpartum repair" projects under the banner of "You Good Body" are endless … For example, super -fire postpartum "pelvic repair".

The staff said so: 6 months after giving birth is a golden restoration period. It must be repaired as soon as possible. If you do n’t do it, your butt will become larger and thicker.

It sounds attractive, I feel that I do n’t care about myself, sorry for my own labels!

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The super -hot "pelvic repair"

Is it necessary to do it?

Before answering this question, mothers must first understand what pelvis is.

The pelvis is an important structure that connects the upper torso to protect the reproductive organs and adjacent organs. It is also the only way for fetal delivery during childbirth. See the picture below to understand.

During pregnancy, in order to allow the baby to be born smoothly, the first priority of the pelvis is to "broaden yourself".

Under normal circumstances, our women’s pubic bone combination is about 4-6mm, and the middle is connected by ligaments.

After pregnancy, under the influence of the relaxation of progesterone, the pelvis will slowly open, and the 骶 (dǐ) bone and the iliac (qià) bone will also produce corresponding movements.Given by 2 to 3mm.

Moreover, after giving birth to a baby, this separation will not recover immediately, which is not difficult to understand why mothers feel that postpartum ass will become larger and wider.

Because of this, many merchants "take the opportunity" and promote the "benefits" of "pelvic repair".

What such "renovating Dafa" and other "Fa -Dafa" and "Fixing Ointment" and "Extrathy Ointment" are on the battlefield, which is almost blinding your eyes.It is possible to repair the pelvis, it is possible to hurt you.

The following mother is the case. I spent money to go to the confinement center to experience the "postpartum pelvic repair" project. As a result, the pain was not painful the next day, and was diagnosed with fasciitis.

In fact, for most Baoma, postpartum "pelvic repair" is really unnecessary.Even if you do not go special intervention, you will recover on your own about 6 months after giving birth.

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this circumstance occurs

Only need to go to the hospital for treatment!

Generally speaking, postpartum pubic bone combination separation does not have any special symptoms, but if the separation is too large, it may cause pain, turning over, going to the toilet, getting up and squatting.

In this case, it is recommended that mothers go to the three hospitals in time. Doctors will take a movie to check the degree of pubic bone separation.

If it exceeds 10mm, it will be diagnosed as a pubic bone joint separation.Doctors generally recommend conservative treatment first, such as pelvic repair belt, side bedroom bed rest, helper, and pain relief drugs.

But if more than 25mm, you may need to consider whether surgical treatment is needed.

However, the emergence rate of this situation is <1%.Therefore, most mothers don’t have to worry about this problem.

Having said that, is the most concerned on the pelvic pelvic with usefulness?Before, a mother asked this question in the background.Let’s talk about today.

First of all, the pelvic zone is indeed one of the ways to treat pubic bone combination. It is to repair the pelvis through physical methods.

Generally, mothers who have been delivered can be worn three days after giving birth, and mothers can be worn one week after giving birth.

However, there are many types of pelvic bands on the market, with belt types, gauze bundle capsules, diamond forms, and personal use effects.

No matter which kind of pelvic belt is used, mothers must choose a size that suits them and wear it in the correct way:

① Pay attention to the position of the wearing, and the highest place to bulge with the crotch on both sides. If there is any discomfort during the use process, seek medical treatment in time;

② Do not wear as much as possible at night. Do not eat it for 8 hours and do not stretch it too tightly to avoid affecting blood circulation.

In addition, mothers can also perform some pelvic exercises to help them recover.

I have already said a lot about the IQ tax fixed after childbirth, but it is still not worth the publicity of the merchants. Moms will be deceived if they are not careful.

For this "pelvic repair", I consulted it for a while, the price was at least 5,000, can you buy some money for a bit delicious?After giving birth to a baby, as long as there is no discomfort, it is the best "repair method" to eat, drink, and sleep.

Of course, even if you have discomfort, you must go to the hospital in time. Don’t go to any unreliable postpartum institution.

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