#Do you still cook at home when you are pregnant?#

It is said that women are princess of one day, queen for ten months, and slaves for a lifetime. So do you want to serve a big family in the days of experiencing the queen?The answer is definitely -don’t

I was pregnant with my boss, and my mother -in -law was a set of people in front of me, in front of my husband and my father -in -law, so as not to touch this, and do not let it be touched. After my father -in -law and husband go to work, whatI won’t help me.

The most memorable thing is that the day I went to the hospital to have a baby. On the day of the due date, there was no movement. When I had breakfast, my father -in -law said that I asked my husband to go to work.If you need to be hospitalized, let my husband go to the hospital to accompany me.After eating breakfast, take the child and my clothes to go to the hospital. After I went, I was told that it was best to be hospitalized. Because there was no movement, my father -in -law asked my mother -in -law to accompany me at the hospital.The mother -in -law was crowded on a bed, originally in the late pregnancy, the bed was small, and she slept two people. After getting up in the middle of the night, she found that her mother -in -law occupied the entire bed. She called her several times and did not respond.Sleeping, helpless, I chatted with other pregnant mothers in the corridor, and started to launch in the middle of the night. The stomach was painful. The mother -in -law had no choice but to call her husband.Until the afternoon, my son was born. In the evening, the whole family accompanied me in the hospital and took turns to take care of our mother. My mother -in -law still slept. Fortunately, my husband and father -in -law had been taking care of the children.She accompanies me to sleep, it is convenient to take care of the child at night, sleep with me for a week, no matter how the child crys at night, it is time to sleep, no matter, so after a week, I proposed that I would not accompany me.I will be able to take care of me. I help take care of my children at night. I didn’t want to have a second child. I was helpless. So I still told her to take care of Dabao at home. I don’t need her to accompany me to the hospital.Bring, I do it myself.

I thought she was sleeping a lot. It wasn’t until the birth of the second child who was born. When she was busy and took care of it, I knew that it wasn’t because she couldn’t get up at night, just because I was a daughter -in -law.The auntie had to go to work after maternity leave, and threw the child to my mother -in -law directly. He took care of it day and night. I told me about the suffering of the child.She asked himself.

After my second child went to kindergarten, I started to return to the workplace. I picked up the child myself, but at the weekend, she helped me bring the child. The aunt and child arrived at the kindergarten age. The child was taken back.Clothing, cleaning up the room, everything is so natural.Sometimes think about it, people have to look forward, and the rest of the life is so good

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