Do you want to peel the eggplant?If these two kinds of people, it is better to peel and eat

As a healthy and high -nutritional food, it can feel its deliciousness with simple cooking. Among them, fish fragrant eggplant is very popular, and it can also be made into eggplant pot.However, some people are in a dilemma in the process of cooking eggplant. I do n’t know if the eggplant epithelium is removed. I hear that others say that the outer epidermis is rich in nutrients, but it is not available to the residual harmful substances. How can it be suitable?

Eggplant’s outer skin has a hard texture. In order to maintain a better taste, most people will cut off their appearance.If the eggplant can be washed, the source is also clear. There is no pesticide residue. Eating with eggplant skin can obtain richer nutrition.But if the eggplant skin is dirty or some pesticide residues, you should peel and then cook.

Advise these two kinds of people to peel and eat before eating

Some types of people are best to remove the eggplant skin and eat them. For example, people with a decrease in gastrointestinal function and poor digestion capabilities should be avoided.The flesh of the eggplant is relatively soft and digested well. Because the outer epidermis is rich in cellulose, it can accelerate the intestinal peristalsis, so it tastes hard.

If it is not cooked for a long time, it will indeed affect the taste. In addition, the large amount of these fibers can make the intestine move quickly. Originally, the symptoms will increase. The symptoms will be worse. You need to remove the outer epidermis before eating, which can reduce the digestive burden.

Infants and young children are not the same as adults. It is necessary to consider that the food is good and has high nutritional value. For infants and young children under the age of three, try to change these food shapes when eating supplementary food, such as eating fruits to make fruit mud.Vegetables should be made into vegetable mud.

In the process, selecting materials is very important. Both fruits and vegetables try to choose the soft parts in the middle, and do not cook together with the appearance.The outer skin of the eggplant itself is relatively rough, the gastrointestinal development of infants and young children is not perfect, and the digestive ability is poor. Eating it for infants and young children with the outer epidermis may increase digestive pressure and prone to indigestion.

According to the above content, the outer skin of the eggplant is rich in nutrients, especially anthocyanins can exert a good antioxidant effect, and cellulose can speed up intestinal motility and promote feces excretion.

But consider the safety of eggplant. If you can buy fresh, there is no pesticide residue eggplant, and you can eat it with the outer skin, which can gain benefits.However, gastrointestinal function is weak or infants and young children should not eat skin skin.

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