Do you want to take it out?When is it important, the doctor tells you the answer

It is no stranger to many married women. He is a way of contraception and the most common way. Without condoms, each time you need to bring trouble.The damage, so this method is the most concise for women who don’t want children.

The main purpose of the contraceptive rings is to safely contraception. It does not affect the life of the husband and wife. It is easy to wear and effective, and the side effects are relatively small.of.

The contraceptive ring is also particular when it is put. For example, under normal circumstances, the best time for three to seven days after menstruation should be cleaned, because at this time it is not easy to conceive. The endometrium is in the hyperplasia period, the endometrium is relatively thin, and placed is placed.Later, the damage to the uterus is relatively small.

There is also a contraceptive ring in the abortion to avoid secondary operations.

After childbirth, there is generally no other discomfort after the lochia is clean, so there is time to request the loop, so it is necessary to put it out.

For women who do n’t want children, this problem is very entangled, because there are many versions hear, and some say what do n’t want children to take out, and some say that even if the material is good, it will be taken out.

So do you want to take it out?When is it important, the doctor tells you the answer

There is also a period of use of the birthplace. It is not always available to use it. The years of unused materials are different. Some studies have proved that the metal ring can be placed for 15-20 years; in addition, other types of birth ring can be placed 5 ~7 years.

It can be seen that the birthplace has his life span. This is that the material determines the life of his use, but there are still the following situations that need to be taken out of the birth ring.

Some people get pregnant unexpectedly after the ring is put on the ring. At this time, they need to be taken out when they are aborted.

There is also the need to replace the new ring even if it is not used to change it.

Vaginal hemorrhage, women with irregular menstruation also need to take out the ring in time.

Women who want children need to take out the contraceptive ring half a year in advance.

There is no need for contraception after sterilization, so the contraceptive ring can also be taken out. Generally, within the second half of the year to three years, the physical unstable physical menopause may also cause conception.

The above situations need to be taken out of the contraceptive ring in a timely manner. It is not time to put it in. Some people are not suitable for putting it in. Some complications appear in the body. At this time, it also needs to be taken out.

After taking the ring, it is also necessary to pay attention to good rest. It is best to have sufficient rest, balanced nutrition, and prohibit basin baths to prevent bacteria from entering the body. It should be noted that if the moon is not cleaned after the moon is taken, and abdominal pain is accompanied by abdominal pain, you need to be accompanied by abdominal pain.Just seek medical treatment in time.

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