Doctor, I am pregnant, what should I do if I see a little red?

Doctor, I am pregnant, what should I do if I see a little red?

Consider a threatened abortion ~

Before 28 weeks of pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding and (or) lower abdomen pain occurred in 28 weeks of pregnancy. The uterine mouth was not opened, the fetal membrane was not broken, and the pregnancy objects were not discharged. The size of the uterus was consistent with the number of menopause weeks;In order to discontinue the menstruation, there is an early pregnancy reaction. In the future, a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs, or the current time, or continuously, color red, continued for several days or weeks, no abdominal pain or slight lower abdomen pain, low back pain and lower abdomen swelling.

GenerallySometimes accompanied by slight lower abdominal pain, fetal movement has a feeling of falling, lumbar and abdominal distension.

What is the reason?

There are many reasons for threatened abortion. Pregnancy abnormalities, endocrine disorders, placental dysfunction, blood types, maternal systemic diseases, excessive mental stimulation, reproductive organs, inflammation, trauma, etc. can lead to signs of miscarriage.There were 50%-60%of the early abortion in early natural abortion.If a person is abnormal in chromosomes in the couple, it can be passed to the child, which can cause abortion or repeated abortion.

How to pay attention?

The unstable period of 3 months before pregnancy, the placental function will not be perfect until about 3 months.So the following 4 points are the principles that need to be paid attention to in the early stages of pregnancy:

1. Avoid exhaustion

2. Careful medication

3. Avoid radiation

4. Balanced diet

What are the treatments?

1. General treatment

If a pioneering abortion occurs, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, reduce activities, prohibit sexual life, avoid unnecessary vaginal examinations, reduce stimulation of uterus, and avoid excessive mental tension, otherwise they will cause abortion.After the bleeding stops, it is best to rest for two weeks before restoring work.Such a pioneering abortion treatment is suitable for female friends with mild symptoms of signs of abortion.

2. Drug treatment

Magnomone has the effects of ensuring embryonic development, maintaining pregnancy, inhibiting the urban smoothing muscle contraction, and reducing uterine tightness.The apex of the medicines of drugs can be used in the early stages of pregnancy, or can be treated with luteum or HCG treatment (because the hormone has the function of stimulating luteal function).Sending drugs and β-blockers can be used in the middle and late pregnancy to reduce mental stimulation and inhibit contractions.In addition, oral vitamin E is also beneficial to maintaining the development of the embryo.

Editor’s Note: Not all fetuses need to use progesterone.The condition varies from person to person, please refer to the doctor’s opinion for the diagnosis and treatment plan.

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