Doctors always make blood drawing tests. Do these testing items need to be done?

During the pregnancy test during pregnancy, doctors often let you draw blood, especially when the first diagnosis card (built file) will allow you to draw at least 8-10 tube blood.Then after a while, you will still make you blood.

During the pregnancy check during pregnancy, it is indeed necessary to check the blood on a regular basis.

The purpose of the examination is mainly to conduct the screening of various common and serious diseases of mothers and fetuses, as well as monitoring of the functional status of the mothers.

Specific indicators of blood testing can be required to refer to my previous articles for pregnancy and children’s pre -pregnancy health care and pregnancy checklist. If you find that your mother or fetus has problems, additional blood testing and follow -up may also need to be performed.

Blood drawing is necessary, and it is a routine process, but mothers will have a lot of confusion: why do so many blood be smoked?What inspections do I have to do?Are these inspections necessary?Do I need to check so many times?What is the frequency of reasonable inspection?After so many blood, why not give me a specific explanation?What does the indicators that are high and low in the inspection report mean?

Main confusion

In fact, the confusion of mothers is mainly two points. First of all, what blood tests are really needed, and secondly, what these test reports mean and whether there is any problem.

Regarding which projects are recommended, which projects can be made in selectively according to the actual situation, there are industry specifications. For details, you can check my article.The list, or directly read the "Guidelines for Pre -pregnancy and Pregnancy Healthcare" by the China Obstetrics and Gynecology Association’s production science group.

The latter confusion should be answered by the doctor of the birth check. Even if the indicators for testing and inspection are normal, the doctor should inform the patient that the test inspection report is normal. Don’t worry, you should not just take blood and say nothing.

If the inspection report is high and low, or the high and low and low, you should communicate with the patient.

In fact, many people’s blood test reports will be high and low. Many high and low and low are normal changes during pregnancy, not a state of disease.

If you see these changes are confused and worried, you should communicate with your inspection doctor. If TA ignores you (this should not) or you can’t answer (this is possible), you have to ask for my WeChat accountEssence

I basically wrote the corresponding articles about the high and low problems of the common test report. You can read the relevant articles of "Reading" at the end of the article. If you still can’t find it, you can enter the "Dr. Duan Tao" public account.Enter the keywords you want to query at the bottom "Inner Search", and you can find the answer. If you still can’t find it, leave a message behind this article and ask questions. I will write an article to answer.

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