Doctors of "disaster": prepare for pregnant women as soon as possible

Northeast Network February 26th (Wang Su Gaojun reporter Du Xiao) As the saying goes, it is sensible that the "teeth" have grown up, but "the teeth" are like a naughty child.Some troubles.Recently, a man often stuffed his teeth, causing the second molar bad. After the dental department of the Harbin Fifth Hospital, he realized that it was the disaster of the neighbor of this teeth (wisdom teeth).

Recently, Mr. Li suffered from the trouble brought by eating, because of what he eats, he will stuff his teeth.And it is difficult to pull out when it is stuffed. After a long time, I always feel that the big teeth and gums on the right side of the right side are a little painful, so I came to the dental department of the fifth hospital in Harbin for treatment.The doctor Ran Qingxiang checked Mr. Li. According to X -rays, Mr. Li was the second grinding teeth crown on the right.The main factor leading to this teeth was a horizontal wisdom teeth after Mr. Li’s second grinding teeth, which is the fact that the teeth said.

Dr. Ran Qingxiang reminded that the symptoms of Mr. Li, because the wisdom teeth are almost fully fitted with horizontal growth and the second grinding teeth. When eating food, the food residues are not cleared between the two teeth.In the long run, the fermentation of the residual food residues between the two teeth produces acid to the tooth corrodes and causes tooth damage.Therefore, the doctor pulled out this troublesome wisdom to Mr. Li.

According to Dr. Ran Qingxiang, the establishment of a matter of teeth (wisdom teeth) refers to the four third teeth on the innermost up and down, left and right of the alveolar bone in the human mouth.Generally speaking, wisdom teeth that are completely germinated, normal positions, neighboring relationships with the tooth next to the teeth, and normal bite relationships do not need to be removed.However, because the location relationship cannot be well cleaned, and the wisdom teeth that lack normal occlusion relationships often occur in foods and dental caries, which will also cause wisdom tooth crown inflammation.

Because the mandibular wisdom tooth can cause local infection, neighborhood damage, temporal mandibular joint disease, and become the potential source of dental cysts and tumors, and it is unable to establish a normal occlusion relationship and exercise the function. If it is obstructive tooth, it is advisablePulling up as soon as possible, especially women who are preparing to get pregnant.

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