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With the increase of the "Xiaoyang people" after the epidemic prevention and control policy, how long can they prepare for pregnancy after "Yang Kang"?How to prepare better after "Yang Kang"?Does "Yang pass" have adverse effects on fertility?It is a topic that was very concerned about the prospective dad who was preparing for pregnancy.

Time returned to December 30, 2022. After a couple "Yang Kang", she was worried about her pregnancy. I wondered if it had any impact?The doctor showed the sperm comparison before and after the infection, and it is recommended that the pregnant crowd will wait for another time.


Because under the microscope: Before the yang, the number of sperm run quickly; after the yang, the number of sperm is small and poor, and they are aging.Doctors said that sperm is afraid of high temperature environments, and the body’s heating in the body after the new crown will cause the sperm quality to deteriorate.Generally speaking, from spermatic cells to mature sperm, it takes 72 to 90 days of growth cycle. That is to say, the sperm entering women’s body is actually a "inventory" that began to develop 90 days ago.Men’s pregnancy cycle is generally about 3 months. 3 months are both the growth cycle and a cycle of harmful substances in cell metabolism (specific depending on person).In order to be able to prepare for pregnancy and health babies, it is recommended to wait for another 3 months.

1. After "Yang Pass", does it affect the reproductive function of men?

New crown infection may affect male fertility, but there is currently no reporting of infertility caused by new coronal virus, and the infertility after infection may not be immediately discovered.The new coronary infection is a disease caused by the new coronary virus infection. When the patient’s body’s immune function decreases, the body is infected with the new coronary virus, which will cause inflammatory lesions in the lung tissue to cause new crown infection.If the genital parts such as testicles and epididymia are invaded, the male reproductive organs will be damaged and lesions will occur.If you have a new crown infection, it is recommended to review the semen after 2-3 months. If the condition needs it, you can treat symptomatic treatment.If there is a preparation plan, it is also recommended to do a pre -pregnancy examination before pregnancy, sperm quality testing is necessary.

2. High fever will affect sperm quality in the short term

In this regard, Zhang Hanwang, a professor of domestic reproductive medicine authoritative experts and a professor at the reproductive medicine center of Wuhan Tongji Hospital, answered: "The living environment of sperm is about 35 degrees Celsius. New crown infection will have a fever, especially the high -fever.Sperm quality in the short term has an impact, but it will cause permanent damage. This is difficult to say. "

3. The decline in short -term reproductive function is normal

Professor Zhang Hanwang said: "After all, the new crown virus is a respiratory tract infection. If the new crown is not merged with orchitis, or the virus does not enter the testicles, the damage caused by it is very small.Is there any impact. For patients with such situations, there may still be a large number of cases to observe. We say that virus infections may cause the symptoms of the whole body. The symptoms of the whole body may cause the function of the entire human body to decline. From this perspective,It may be a short -term affecting reproductive function, but whether there is a long -term impact, then it needs to be observed. "

4. Basically 3 to 6 months will return to normal

Professor Zhang Hanwang said: "After three years of resistance, the toxicity of the virus is gradually declining, but there is still a certain shadow of the fear of the new crown.Psychological obstacles, like this, do not have to panic, and even if there is a little decline, it should not affect our reproductive function.

So far, the new crown and SARS (SARS) We have not seen a selected report that it can lead to a state of no spermatic. In fact, there are not too many articles about sexual function or impact on sexual function.During the clinical observation process, if there are such seriousness or the loss of reproductive function, many articles will definitely burst out. Therefore, in this case, most of them may be psychological factors.After 3 to 6 months, it will basically return to normal."

5. The impact on physical fitness after "Yang pass"

There are many friends of "Yang Guo" and will find that even after "Yang Kang", the body is still weak, there is no spirit, or some gynecological problems occur.And poor mental men can easily lead to decreased sexual desire. Sexual desire refers to a kind of desire for sex for men or women. Sexual desire has something to do with many reasons. If men are often under pressure, stressful, or in a state of fatigue, it is bound to be inevitable.It will reduce sexual desire.

After sexual desire loss/decrease, it is easy to cause male erectile function to be unsatisfactory.Erectional difficulties (long time for foreplay), insufficient erection (insufficient hardness), and short -term (long -standing time to maintain a long state), these are more affecting normal sexual life.

This situation that cannot be erected is that the sexual desire is reduced, and it is okay to force an erection.However, the erectile disorders caused by decreased sexual desire are caused by psychological or mental aspects.Because of loss of sexual desire, especially like psychological sexual desire loss, a functional erectile dysfunction is produced. This can also be treated with Qianwei and Jin Ge for treatment, but they are relatively short.If patients with decreased sexual desire, after erection, or even after sex, can not produce the pleasure after sexual intercourse, nor can they be satisfied.So even if the erection is, it is not particularly significant for the patient himself.This kind of erectile dysfunction of patients with decreased sexual desire must first treat sexual desires, decreased sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction may be good.This situation can be intervened with Kirin Wan, which is fundamentally treated.Nourishing kidney and filling essence, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing the body in an all -round way, improving the body’s immune function, nourishing yin and aphrodisiac, nourishing essence, strengthening the body, and enhancing sexual function.

6. After "Yang Kang", it is the key to help

How to increase the chance of pregnancy and healthy baby after "Yang Kang"?

"Authentic Female Science" records: "Male essence is strong and female, and there is a way to have a child." This means that only when the male essence is full and the women’s menstruation is normal can you help getting pregnant.Male essence is like seeds, and women’s palace is like land.If you are strong, the seeds are strong, and the fertile warmth of the cell palace is easy to take root.Obviously, pregnancy requires the two sides to work together.

For women, the healthy renal function can ensure the normal operation of the luteum function and ovulation function. The blood and blood are strong.For men, the healthy renal function can ensure sperm quality and sperm activity.Men’s renal function is not complete, and its symptoms usually show weakness, weakness of ejaculation (no pleasure), low sexual desire, and impotence and premature ejaculation.

This is actually related to lack of kidney qi and qi and blood disorders. Therefore, the focus of treatment and pregnancy should be placed on kidney supplementation, qi nourishing blood, nourishing kidney qi, regulating qi and blood, etc.It happens to be the main function of Kirin Pills for symptomatic treatment.

In the eight laws of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a therapy called Fa -Dharma. In short, it is to improve its righteousness to resist evil spirits.

What is righteousness?Simple understanding is a material or energy that is beneficial to the body and can run smoothly, with normal endocrine or energy.What is evil?Simple understanding is qi (material or energy) that is harmful to the body.For example, "six prostitution": wind, cold, summer, dampness, dryness, fire; inflammation, virus, etc. of western medicine are all categories of evil qi.

The effect of Qilin Wan’s kidney filling essence, nourishing qi and nourishing blood is the orthodox Dharma in the eight laws of traditional Chinese medicine. The husband and wife are serving the same, so that the husband and wife have sufficient kidney qi, full of qi and blood, and ensure the harmony of the life of the husband and wife, thereby breeding healthy babies.

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