Does an appropriate amount of alcohol also affect women’s fertility ability?

Many women are often heard in life that they cannot get pregnant, seek medical medicine everywhere, and some cannot have children or even bring great disaster to the family.In addition to congenital or disease, women’s infertility is largely related to the current living environment, such as smoking, too much use of hormones, environmental problems, etc., but many of them have also added drinking drinking to women infertility, but this is really reallyThe wrongdoing is alcohol.

A new survey of Denmark shows that women drink in moderation and will not reduce their chances of pregnancy.

This research was conducted by Danish researchers and published in the British Medical Journal. This study analyzed more than 6,100 Danish women aged 21-45 from June 2007 to January 2016 drinking.Habit.

Studies have found that the women’s ability to conceive has no significant impact compared to those girls who do not stick to wine per week.But this study did not take into account the effects of the entire pregnancy abortion and the entire pregnancy drinking.At the same time, girls who drink more than 14 copies per week will decrease by 18%.Among them, 330ml beer is 1 copy, 120ml of red wine or white wine is 1 serving, 50ml of sweet wine, and 20ml of spirits.

Simon Fishel, a professor of BBC and president of fertility care, said: "Although there are a lot of people participating in this research, they have fully used the" excellent statistical law ", but we cannot make healthy pregnancy and pregnancy abilityThe two are confused. The study shows that the chances of reaching 14 girls and women who do not touch the wine every week are not different, but this study is over after these girls are pregnant and did not measure their abortionThe probability or reports of the data of these drinking girls after pregnancy did not continue to observe their subsequent health problems. "

Although women drink in moderation, they will not reduce their chances of pregnancy, but for women who want to be Huaibao, in order to ensure the health of the baby, it is best to do not get dripping.

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