Does diarrhea affect the fetus in the early pregnancy?

Early pregnancy is a critical period for pregnant women. During this time, pay more attention to diet nutrition, lifestyle habits, etc., especially if you are sick and take medicine, you need to be careful to prevent abortion.Does diarrhea affect the fetus?

Does diarrhea affect the fetus in the early pregnancy?

Some moms are very worried and even panicked when they are diarrhea, for fear that they will have a miscarriage or premature birth.Will it affect the baby if you encounter diarrhea during pregnancy?This is certainly yes, but it must also be analyzed based on the severity of the pregnant mother’s diarrhea.

Mild diarrhea pregnant mothers do not need to worry, generally there is no problem.If it is a relatively severe diarrhea, it is best to consult a doctor for some treatment. This is because severe diarrhea will dehydrate with pregnant women and lose nutrition. Long -term diarrhea will affect the baby’s growth or even life.

First of all, frequent or severe diarrhea occur during pregnancy. Do not take medicine in time to stop it, which will affect the absorption of nutrients in pregnant women and affect the nutritional status of the fetus.

Secondly, during diarrhea, women will secrete a natural chemical ingredient called prostaglandin, which will further stimulate the intestine and increase the symptoms of diarrhea. At the same time, this chemical component can also stimulate uterine contraction, which may cause abortion and premature birth.

In the end, some diarrhea itself is a premature or aborted warning pregnant women must pay attention.

Precautions for diarrhea in pregnant women

First, give appropriate replenishment according to the severity of diarrhea, and supplement the loss of water to prevent hydrolysis disorders.

Second, anti -infection treatment can be used, erythromycin and aminoinin that are safer for mothers and children; do not use tetracycline, pyrone, sulfa, metronidazole and other drugs to avoid adverse effects on mothers and fetuses.You can take Smecta, which is a kind of eight -sided stones with a large adsorption surface. It can absorb some pathogenic bacteria without being absorbed by the body. It is safe and reliable for the mother and child;Micro -ecological preparations such as intestines are conducive to adjusting the intestinal flora and restoring the micro -ecological environment in the intestine.

Third, we must closely observe the fetal condition and see if there are signs of premature or abortion in order to take measures.For pregnant women who are about to produce diarrhea, they should be hospitalized as early as possible and isolate the bedside of intestinal infectious diseases to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Fourth, pregnant women with diarrhea should strengthen care, ensure rest, and give nutrition and digestible diet, and drink plenty of water.

Fifth, do not use antidiarrheal drugs to avoid causing bacteria and toxins in the intestine to exacerbate the condition.

In the normal pregnancy process, your body has a variety of natural resistance to protect your baby.Even if you have severe diarrhea and vomiting symptoms during pregnancy, if it is only short, it will usually not cause harm to the fetus.

Dietary principles of diarrhea in pregnant women

(1) In the early stage of the onset, the diet is based on the principle of supporting nutrition without aggravating the damage of the intestinal lesions. Generally, it is advisable to be light -liquid foods, such as thick rice soup, pistachio juice and noodles, soup, etc.At this time, it is necessary to temporarily fast, and those with too much dehydration also need infusion treatment.

(2) After the number of defecations is reduced, you can eat less oil soup, milk, soy milk, egg flower soup, vegetable juice and other liquid diet.In the future, you can gradually eat light, less oil, and less residue, such as rice porridge, ravioli, noodles, etc.

(3) When the intestinal fermentation effect is too strong, you can eat foods containing protein and a small amount of fat, such as dairy, eggs, soy milk, tofu, etc., eat less dishes, because sugars are susceptible to fermentation and flatulence.When the intestinal fermentation effect is very strong, you can eat starch foods such as potatoes, taro, rice, noodles, etc.

(4) Eat some foods with rich vitamin C every day, such as fresh mushrooms, vegetable juice, tomato juice, and conditions that can be enhanced by vitamin C with conditions.

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