Does less menstrual flow affect pregnancy?

There are too many menstrual flow, less partiality, inaccurate menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc., which are important manifestations of irregular menstruation.Compared to other phenomena, few people pay less attention to menstruation.Whether women have fertility are mainly whether there is a perfect nerve endocrine system and sound reproductive organs, especially whether women’s ovaries are developing normally.The amount of menstruation not only depends on the above physiological basis, but also closely linked with various factors such as psychology, external environment, and living habits.Whether the amount of menstrual flow has a small amount of pregnancy on pregnancy, to determine what causes the amount is less.

The menstrual amount is small but the ovarian function is normal, and it does not affect pregnancy

Generally speaking, the duration of menstruation is generally 3-7 days, and the amount of bleeding is between 80 and 100 ml, and the most 2-3 days.Some women have a small menstrual flow. If they are less in a normal range, and their ovulation function and secretion of female hormones are within the normal range, these women still have fertility.

The condition of non -reproductive system conditions is small, and there is a certain probability that there is a certain probability to give birth

If women’s menstrual flow is too small, it is caused by factors such as tuberculosis, malnutrition, anemia, etc., or mental factors such as tension, melancholy, fear, etc., as well as fatigue, environmental changes and other factors.Can be born.

Less menstrual flow caused by endocrine and other factors, it is likely to affect pregnancy

If it is due to low endocrine function, tumor, uterine dysplasia and other diseases that cause too little menstrual flow or even amenorrhea, the probability of infertility will greatly increase.However, if it is only temporary endocrine disorders, if you encounter emotional tension, environmental changes, increased psychological pressure, and sudden stimuli, as long as the above temporary factors disappear and menstruation returns to normal, this situation will not affect pregnancy.

Less menstrual flow caused by low estrogen levels in the body, which will affect conception

Low estrogen levels in the body will cause the endometrium to hyperplasia enough, and less bleeding during menstruation. This situation will affect conception.However, the girls who were not long after the early menstrual tide did not reach a balanced and stable state in the body. Therefore, the blood volume is generally not much. This is normal and will not affect conception.

Caused by too much menstrual blood, or even amenorrhea caused by malnutrition, it will affect pregnancy

This situation not only causes dysplasia such as uterine and other reproductive systems, laid hidden dangers for future infidelity, but also causes a decline in systemic immune function, creating conditions for the erosion of the disease.

How to judge less menstrual flow?

It is generally believed that the menstrual volume is less than 30 ml, which is that the monthly passes is small, and the sanitary napkin can help us judge.Generally speaking, the amount of each cycle does not exceed two packs (10 pieces/pack). If more than 3 packs, and each piece is soaked, it is more than one pack.And the amount of blood in each piece is small, which is less moon, and these two situations are abnormal.

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