Does pregnant women have a effect on the fetus?I still want to be beautiful when I am pregnant. I must keep in mind these 4 points

Women love beauty, can pregnant women dye their hair whether they are before or after pregnancy?Many pregnant mothers will ask this question.Moms are worried about hair dyeing, which may affect the development of the baby in the stomach.So can you dye your hair after pregnancy?Will hair dye affect the baby?Should you pay attention to such small details during pregnancy?Let’s take a look at the answer together!

1. Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?

Many mothers dare not dye their hair because they are worried that hair dyeing will affect fetal development or abortion.However, there is no clear evidence that the abortion of pregnant women is caused by hair dyeing.Once the hair grows the scalp, it is a necrotic tissue like a nail. Only hair follicles have life.Hair dye cannot enter the human body through hair, but hair dye will be exposed to the scalp, which may cause the problem of scalp inflammation and dandruff.The chemical composition entered through the scalp is also minimal and will not affect the fetus.

2. When can I get my hair during pregnancy?

If you want to dye your hair and worry about your baby, it is best to choose hair dyeing after 3 months of pregnancy.The fetus is bed in the first trimester, and the various organs and functions of the body are formed. At this time, the fetus may be more sensitive.After three months of pregnancy, hair dyeing hair is fine.

What effect does hair dyeing on the fetus and pregnant women?

Impact on the fetus

Some rumors say that hair dyeing during pregnancy may cause abortion, children’s neuroblastoma, and cause damage to the nervous system and tissue, but this has no scientific basis.Some people say that hair dyeing can cause fetal malformations, but the amount of fetal malformations requires pregnant women with hair more than 3 times a day.

Impact on pregnant women

After pregnancy, the skin becomes very sensitive, including the scalp, and hair dye may cause inflammation of the scalp hair of pregnant women. Hair loss is more serious. This requires you to consult a hairdresser before dyeing your hair.In addition, pregnant women may also vomit this month, and the odor of hair dye may cause nausea and vomiting for pregnant women.

4. What details should pregnant women dye hair

1. Selection of hair dye

If you are very similar to your hair during pregnancy, it is recommended that you choose a hair dye of pure natural plants so that your stimulus is the smallest.However, it is worth noting that even pure natural hair dye will have the existence of phenylema, phenylbhenol, and amino phenol.

2. Hair dyeing method

Moms like beauty, but they also need to choose the way to hurt them the least.You can consider dyeing hair and light coloring, so that your scalp damage is also the smallest. After all, you will encounter hair loss after pregnancy.Do not choose color such as white, red, yellow, etc., so that the hair is damaged.

3. Hair dyeing time

There are two precautions for hair dyeing time, one is not dyeing hair 3 months before pregnancy.The other is that the hair dye should not be too long, the hair is long, and the hair dye may take several hours. This is very tired for a big belly. It is recommended to shorten the hair dyeing time with the hairdresser.

4. Pay attention to the body

If pregnant women have poor physical condition, there are some common diseases, pregnancy, hair loss and other problems during pregnancy. At this time, do not force your hair. Beauty is important, but the body is more important.

Well, although hair dyeing can make you more beautiful; the impact of hair dyeing on the fetus has no scientific basis; but I recommend that pregnant women still avoid hair dyeing during pregnancy, because no one can afford this consequence.After pregnancy, we can only do simple construction and care, not hot hot, and still beautiful.

Finally, a small survey, did you dye your hair after pregnancy?

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