Does the pelvic effusion need to be treated?You understand after reading it

How many girls are difficult to sleep after seeing the pelvic effusion on the B -ultrasound single?How many girls have no symptoms, but because of the pelvic effusion to take time to take medicine, the effusion still exists in the end?How many patients found the pelvic effusion but did not take it seriously?The reason why there are many different attitudes is mainly because everyone’s understanding of the pelvic effusion is not accurate.So, do I need to treat the pelvic effusion?Will it affect good pregnancy?What are the signs and other issues, we ask Director Sun Junling of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital to solve the confusion for everyone.

Director Sun Junling, Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital

Director Sun introduced that pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease, appendicitis, or endometriosis can cause pelvic effusion. According to pathological factors, it can be divided into physiological pelvic effusion and pathological pelvic effusion.The pathological pelvic effusion is more harmful. Once abnormal pelvic effusion is found, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.The physiological pelvic effusion does not require treatment.

Healthy women will produce a certain amount of pelvic effusion due to peritoneal secretion, blood circulation, and follicular rupture due to peritoneal secretion, blood circulation, and follicular rupture. These are physiological pelvic effusion. GenerallyWith the menstrual cycle, a small amount of pelvic effusion will be absorbed and reappeared by itself, and of course there is no need to treat.

There are many causes of pathological pelvic effusion, such as:

1. Pelvic inflammatory disease

Often manifested as fever, abdominal pain, abnormal leucorrhea, etc.; When pelvic inflammatory diseases are delayed, they may become pelvic abscesses. Patients are often unbearable, high fever, anal swelling, purulent leucorrhea, and even more infected.Dangerous situations such as shock.

2. Extra pregnancy

Patients have menopause, abdominal pain, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, etc.; The increase in pelvic effusion should be highly alert to abnormal pregnancy rupture and bleeding. Patients may be life -threatening due to a large amount of blood loss in a short time.

3. Ovarian cyst rupture

Patients will show that the lower abdomen pain occurs after the lower abdomen is impacted and the violent activity is mild or serious. Sometimes it is accompanied by anal swelling, and a few vital signs are unstable.

4. Uterine endometriosis

Women in childbearing age are accompanied by symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, infertility, etc., and the possibility of internal diseases must be considered.

When the examination is found to be pelvic effusion and the pathological pelvic effusion is unlikely, the doctor will comprehensively determine the nature of the effusion based on the patient’s detailed medical history, symptoms, signs, signs, and the results of the auxiliary examination.Patients with pathological pelvic effusion will have the following symptoms.

1. Abdominal pain

Pelvic inflammatory disease or acute internal bleeding causes the effusion, usually accompanied by abdominal pain, and lower abdomen swelling.

2. Hot fever

The pelvic effusion caused by pelvic inflammatory pelvic tuberculosis is usually fever.

3. Infertility

If pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, fallopian tubes can be stagnant or blocked, it will lead to infertility.

Therefore, the ladies and sisters with the pelvic effusion should not panic. Go to the regular hospital for treatment and let the doctor confirm whether the treatment needs to be treated according to the cause and clinical manifestations.

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