Does the size of the mother’s chest be inherited to her daughter?Many girls are still stupid


Hello everyone, I am Dr. Guo, and I will explain to you about the knowledge of women’s chest.

For girls, breasts are a very important part. It can not only help secrete milk to cultivate babies’ growth, but also one of the second symbols of girls.

As a unique second sexual character, girls hope that their chests can become larger, but many people say that girls’ chest size is inherited. If the mother’s chest is small, the girl’s chest will be smaller!So, is this statement correct?

The topic of breasts is very popular for women, because women need to feed their children with breast milk after marriage. Therefore, girls’ breasts have gradually evolved to mature than men, which is also one of the important signs of female sexual maturity.

In fact, the size of the breast has a certain relationship with genetic factors!

The size of female breasts depends on whether the adolescent breast development is smooth and family genetic factors; the increase in male breasts may be due to obesity, endocrine disorders, and family genetic factors, which leads to abnormal male breast development.

Generally, the effects of the main receptor of human breasts in the size of the estrogen level in the main receptor to maintain the size, shape and volume of the breast.

The height of estrogen is related to its own constitution, and human constitution is closely related to genetic factors; so if the mother’s own chest is small, the probability of daughter flat chest is higher.

1. Pregnancy hormones

Pregnancy hormones are mainly produced by luteal or placenta during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones are a kind of high physiological activity in luteal ketone. The main role is to promote the development of breast lobular and glands.Normal development.

However, large doses of luteumone has the effect of inhibiting prolactin!Experiments show that progesterone needs to have a complete pituitary function system, which can stimulate breast development with estrogen.

2. Capitamin content in the body

Linemine is a protein hormone, which is the main function to help women’s breasts develop well; in adolescence, other hormones are common to promote breast development.

During the pregnancy, the increase in prolactin can also stimulate the development of the breast, and the breasts will increase. It is also preparing for the baby with sufficient milk!

3. Obesity

Women’s breasts cannot be measured with height, but they can be measured by weight; breasts are composed of breasts and fat. Therefore, the fatter, the greater her natural breasts.

1. Squeeze ditch

In normal times, many women feel that their chests are flat or small, and they cannot show their perfect figure. Therefore, these people like to squeeze their cleavage and create the illusion of full breasts visually.

But in fact, doing so will cause great damage to the health of the breast!The squeezing cleavage needs to push the breasts on both sides to the center, which will make the breast tight, which will affect the blood circulation of the breast and even damage the breast!It is easy to lead to the emergence of mastitis and breast hyperplasia.

2. High -calorie diet

Although cakes, various desserts, chocolates and beverages are delicious, it is easy to cause obesity, damage breast health, and easily induce breast lipoma!

Breast lipoma is a breast disease with a very high incidence. It mainly manifested as a mass on one side, with irregular leaf -shaped, soft texture, and clear borders. Generally speaking, such patients should adjust their schedules and correct bad diets.Behavior.

3. Blindly losing weight

If you diet or take drugs to lose weight during the breast development stage, it will cause sexual hormone secretion, which will affect breast development. Therefore, girls who develop during the development period should not lose weight blindly, and they can maintain their body through a healthy diet and exercise.

4. Not good sleeping position

At present, many female friends have a bad sleeping posture. Some female friends particularly like to sleep on their stomachs. However, sleeping on their stomachs can bring some problems to people’s bodies, and it is also easy to cause our breasts to pressure.

When you sleep on your stomach for a long time, the weight of the whole body will be pressed down. Some breast hyperplasia will appear on the breast, which will also affect the blood flow rate of the breast, which has a great impact on the breast!So in normal times, if you want to be healthy, you must choose the right sleep posture.

Today’s topic: Do you know which ways to maintain breast health?

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