Dog’s urine is smelly?Maybe urethral infections

Dogs can also be infected with bacteria, such as urethral infections, such as urethral infections. This disease can change the dog’s urine and chemical composition, which causes dogs to pee very smelly. Then let’s see what dog urethral infections are.

The dog’s urinary system is composed of kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra. The most common position of dogs is infected with lower urinary tract infections, and most of the lower urinary tract infection will accompany cystitis.The relatively few is ureteral and kidney infections, called pyelonephritis.

The urine in the healthy dog’s bladder is generally no bacteria. When the urethra is infected, it means that the bacteria have invaded the bladder from the urethra.

The dog’s urine is like the red arrow in the picture. The urine is discharged from the kidneys, flowing through the urethra to the bladder, and the urine of the bladder can be discharged directly as the dog’s genitals pass through the prostate.

If the dog’s usual diet is unhealthy or mood is not good, it will cause the dog to not be immune to the dog. The dog’s ability to resist bacteria will deteriorate. Bacteria will enter the dog’s urethra through the dog’s genitals, which will lead to the dog.The dog urethral infection, once the shoveling officer finds that it is not timely, the bacteria will quickly invade the kidneys and even spread further.

In addition to the decline in dog immunity caused by urethral infections, there are also genetic reasons for the dog’s own genes, because some dogs have abnormal urethra structures, which are more likely to be infected by urethral infections compared to ordinary dogs.And female dogs are more likely to be infected than male dogs, because female dogs need to touch the ground, and male dogs only need to stand.

When a dog suffers from urethral infections, the most obvious symptom is often urination, because urethral infections can stimulate the bladder, which stimulates the desire of dogs. Even if the dog’s bladder has few urine, there will be a strong desire to urinate.

If the dog has already had urethral infection, then the dog’s urine will be more stinky than the healthy dog’s urine, because the ingredients of dogs with urethral infections will find changes, especially minerals in urine.It is easier to crystallize than ever. At this time, dogs are also accompanied by tingling.

So how to judge that dogs have urethral infections through the appearance of the dog?Generally, the germ can be red and swollen. Female dogs will be more obvious, and male dogs may judge by frequent urination.

When your dog suddenly changes his habit of urination and starts to urinate at home, you must pay attention to whether the dog has a urethral infection. You should check the pet hospital for examination in time to prevent the bacteria from further invasion.

1. Prepare enough water for the dog

You can prepare sufficient water for dogs, allow dogs to drink more water, and promote the frequency of dog kidneys to the dog’s urine. The excretion of urine will drive bacteria in the urethra and bladder, and discharge the dog through the urine.

2. Keep dog hygiene

This requires shoveling officers to help the dog take a bath. When taking a bath, remember not to forget to clean up the pussy for the dog, especially the dogs must give the dog a good sanitation when they are in estrus and pregnancy.

3. Keep a dry and clean environment

Dog urethral infections are related to the cleanliness of the environment. If the environment where the dog lives is often not disinfected and does not keep ventilation and dry, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause dog urethral infections.

4. Enhance dog resistance

Providing nutritional balanced diet is the basis for reducing dog infection. Do not eat leftovers and leftovers, which are prone to malnutrition.It is recommended that the shovel officer uses high -quality brands of dog food to ensure that the dog has good development.

Conclusion: What else do you still have to prevent dog urethral infections, pay attention to tell us

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