Don’t be anxious when you are pregnant. If you accompany 5 symptoms, it is a pity!Maybe ectopic pregnancy

How to diagnose out -of -uterine pregnancy?In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers will worry about ectopic pregnancy due to their physical discomfort.Clinicians remind: If you show back acid, bleeding, abdominal pain and other conditions in the first trimester, you need to pay attention.There are many ways to diagnose ectopic pregnancy in medicine. B -ultrasound is one of them.But do many people understand whether B -ultrasound can diagnose ectopic pregnancy?So can B -ultrasound really be diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy?What situations need to be alert to ectopic pregnancy?

When the B -ultrasound is checked, although the uterus increases, there is no empty in the uterine cavity, and a low echo area appears next to the palace. If the region is detected and the original heart tube is found, it can generally be diagnosed as an heterogeneous pregnancy.However, the general B -type examination requires a certain time. It usually can find the germ and primitive heart tube beating at 7 weeks of menopause.

Therefore, if the B -ultrasound is performed without time, the diagnosis may be missed.Therefore, the pre -diagnosis of early pregnancy is confirmed, and the B ultrasonic image alone may sometimes occur.If it can be combined with clinical manifestations and β -HCG measurement, it has a great assistance to the diagnosis.

1. Mentalal discontinuation: The symptoms of early ectopic pregnancy will also show menopause symptoms, which is easily mixed with general early pregnancy symptoms.But in fact, ectopic pregnancy sometimes appears on the lower abdomen and pain on one side. Sometimes the diagnosis will find that the fallopian tubes are swollen normally.

2. Abdominal pain: The abdominal pain formed by ectopic pregnancy is a lower abdomen pain, accompanied by a sense of defecation.It is accompanied by night sweats.If the seizure breaks, the patient will have a sudden pain of the lower abdomen on one side, and it will also be accompanied by the symptoms of disgust and vomiting.

3. Vaginal hemorrhage: How can vaginal bleeding formed in the early stage of ectopic pregnancy distinguish between normal menstruation?The vaginal bleeding in the early stages of ectopic pregnancy is dark brown, and the amount is small. Generally, it does not exceed the menstrual flow, but it is unclean.

4. Shock and fainting: Because ectopic pregnancy is attributed to acute abdomen, many patients may cause blood capacity to reduce or severe abdominal pain due to acute bleeding in the abdominal cavity.

5. Lumbaracris and low back pain are one of the early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Within 12 weeks of pregnancy, if you feel backache, abdominal pain, and irregular vaginal bleeding, bleeding is mostly drip -like, dark brown, less amount, and not surpass the symptoms of menstrual flow.Then you can’t be careless, this may also be ectopic pregnancy.

If the above symptoms need to be alertly alert ectopic pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy is a non -normal pregnancy phenomenon. If it is not discovered in time for patients with ectopic pregnancy, it may be life -threatening.However, to confirm ectopic pregnancy, using data clarification is only persuasive.

1. Women who have surgery of abdominal surgery, the risk of ectopic pregnancy will increase.

2. Women who have repeatedly flow, the greater the chance of having an ectopic pregnancy.

3. Women with gynecological inflammation for a long time are attachmentitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian inflammation, etc., especially fallivediaitis, which is another important factor for external pregnancy.

4. There is a fever who has had a history of pregnancy. Woman is very likely to have an ectopic pregnancy after pregnancy.

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