Don’t be stupid, these contraceptive methods are not reliable at all

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There are so many ways of contraception, are you reliable?

In our clinic

Some little girls have done 21 times of flow

A 56 -year -old aunt was accidentally pregnant

There is also a strange way to "jump a hundred sperm"

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Why are I contraceptive, and I am still pregnant?

Can obstetrics and gynecologists recommend some reliable and safe?

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"The Ranking of Turbage, which one is the most reliable?"

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In fact, there is no 100%effective perfect contraceptive method, so contraception is good.According to the actual efficiency of use, we sorted common contraceptive methods.

First of all, it is necessary to say that the unreliable contraception method of "harm is not shallow" can be called most "unexpected" "culprits".

Those unreliable contraceptive methods: also pregnant

Safety Period computing method:

Only by calculating the ovulation day and avoiding the danger period (5 days before the ovulation day and 4 days after the ovulation day), other days are not contraceptive, but it is not safe at all.Because ovulation can be affected by factors such as diseases, emotions, environment, drugs, there is no accurate ovulation day. Where can I come from?

Eye radiation method:

The prostate fluid secreted by ejaculation contains a small amount of sperm. These sperm entering the vagina is enough to make you pregnant.

Can’t go in: The reason is the same as above

Rinse the vaginal method:

Even if you can remove some sperm in the vagina, what should you do if you have entered the sperm of the uterus and fallopian tubes?

Square kill agent:

You can’t kill all sperm at all, and you can’t imagine the vitality of Xiao Yan.

Breastfeeding contraception:

Breastfeeding contraception needs to meet three conditions at the same time: uncompromising menstruation, pure mother breastfeeding, and strictly control the number of daily feeding times, and within 6 months after giving birth.Most people can’t do it at all.

What are the reliable contraception recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists?

The most reliable method of contraception: one choice, long -term benefit

Male ligation, female ligation, internal palace scholarships, subcutaneous burial contraception.

The impact of human factors is very small, and the incidence of accidents is very low.

More effective way of contraception: the key is to use it correctly

The two methods of condoms and short -acting contraceptives are more than 98%in themselves, but due to the actual use effect, it is greatly affected by the actual use.

@BOYS is wore right?

It is not possible to wear the gas in the seminal vesicles and use it before using it all the time.

@girls, did you take medicine today?

For long -term use of contraceptives, the first box is to take it on the first day of menstruation.21 pieces are taken for a box after taking a box.28 tablets (because inner white slices) are the first box that ends, and there is no need to intervene, and take the second box directly.If you miss a piece, try to supplement it within 24 hours, and you cannot miss it for a day.

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